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Your Focus Determines Your Future

Ed Turose - CEO and President
Jim Sanderbeck - Educational Director

Our Cause

Is to Educate, Equip, and Empower Individuals To Get Focused To Fulfill Their Purpose, Assignment and Destiny in Life!
Your FOCUS Determines Your FUTURE!

Meet Our Leaders

Ed Turose

CEO and President

His practical expertise as a behavioral consultant, Fortune 500 manager and trainer provides the basis for his curriculum, books and development tools that deliver the essentials skills needed for individuals and students to be prepared and advance in their careers and in the workplace.

Ed Turose, CEO of The Focus Life Institute LLC, has a passion to equip, train and mentor individuals with the practical skills to impact and positively influence society. Ed has over 40 plus years of leadership and business experience as a people manager, trainer, consultant and strategic planner for two Fortune 500 Companies, Unilever, one of the largest packaged goods company in the world and for the past 27 years as a manager and trainer for The Coca-Cola Company before retiring in June 2017 to focus on his new assignment.

Mr. Turose is known as “The Focus Coach” and has authored books, multiple development tools and marketplace resources. His Focus Life development tools meet the needs of all ages and have been implemented in schools, colleges, organizations and businesses.

Ed is a graduate of Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA.

Jim Sanderbeck

Educational Director

Jim Sanderbeck holds a Bachelor of Science degree (Slippery Rock University of PA) and a Master of Arts degree (University of Pittsburgh). He is a certified teacher, a qualified experiential education facilitator, and a certified personality and behavioral profiler for education and business. He has taught and coached in the public sector, developed the first indoor experiential education center in the United States and served as the lead administrator in an educational academy.

Jim has utilized his educational experience to help co-create the Focus Life Institute development tools. He was a successful high school coach in track & field for 42 years producing state and national champions. He is the President of Rock Solid Administrative Services – a non-profit corporation designed to provide administrative resources and consulting services to both profit and non-profit marketplace leaders and entrepreneurs.

Don E. Goodlin, Jr.

Information Technology Director

Don holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and a Master of Science degree in both Mathematics and Secondary Education. He also holds the following Cisco certifications: CCNA, CCDA, CCNP-Voice, CCNP-Security. Don has worked in the banking industry as a software engineer, has owned his own company offering software engineering services to corporations within the Pittsburgh, PA area and serves as a Principal Network and Telecom Engineer and Operations Manager at a well respected college. Don is the developer/webmaster for the Focus Life Institute website. Don has a heart for seeing other succeed to their fullest potential and finding their true purpose in life. 

Don has taught Mathematics and Computer Science at Penn State University and Youngstown State University.  Don also servers on several Executive boards which are dedicated to developing new business ventures within the New Castle PA and surrounding area.

Theresa Burnworth

Curriculum Director

Theresa Burnworth has a passion to help students to become life-long learners and to be able to correctly identify their goals in life to fulfill what they are born to do! She has worked with children from the nursery age through high school with various teaching and volunteer positions. Theresa graduated from Grove City College with a B.A. of English-Secondary Education in 2003, and completed her M.A. as a Reading Specialist from Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA in 2009. She has continued her education through her English/Reading teaching position for 6 years at Butler Junior High School, parenting experiences, homeschooling, and her role as nursery director and preschool teacher at her church, as well as her involvement with her children’s school programs.
While working for the Butler Area School District, Butler, PA, she created a reading test preparation curriculum from a variety of materials, and many of her own creations. This curriculum met every reading standard between 5th and 8th grades. Many students improved greatly on the PSSA tests, many even moving to the advanced scoring level. She saw over 70% of her students improve their test scores. She also served on the curriculum committee while at Butler, and helped research and select new curriculum materials for the English Department. While teaching, her experience widened greatly from instructing honors’ level students, average track students, and working with students with special needs, as well as co-teaching with the special education department.

Tracey Colston

Video Production Director 

Tracey Colston, Video Production Director Tracey has multiple years of experience in the video editing, camera and production work on multiple projects and ventures. His expertise is being utilized with The Focused Life Institute on production, creating, and editing videos that have been applied to all curriculum, development tools and e-courses. Tracey has an Associate of Arts in Management Information Systems degree from Liberty University. Tracey is the CEO of Colston Creations LLC, a production and video editing company.

Dr. Jim Dittmar

Leadership Director 

Dr. James K. Dittmar is the founder, President, and CEO of 3Rivers Leadership Institute. The 3Rivers Leadership Institute provides leadership development and training that is transformational. Utilizing the insights gained for over the past 37 years as a leader, teacher and trainer of working professionals, Dr. Dittmar creates learning experiences that are exceptional in content and that are interactive and engaging in process. He is actively involved in bringing his expertise of leadership into the Focus Life Institute.

A major focus of his leadership sessions are the practical application of the most important principles, concepts, and challenges that impact leaders in their everyday work experiences. Based on the L.E.A.D.E.R.S. model developed by Dr. Dittmar, his presentations provide a strong grounding not only in the “what” that leaders face but also in the “how” and “so what” in terms of driving these issues to the practical, behavioral level. It is during this process of reflection and application that participants can experience the transformational nature of leadership development offered by Dr. Dittmar

Pastor Johan and Houkje Esterhuizen, International Directors

Dr Johan and Houkje Esterhuizen have been in ministry for the past 35 years. They founded Harvest Christian Fellowship(HCF) and Harvest Christian School (HCS) & Johannesburg. HCF had 450 families and the HCS 650 students. They also founded Abundant Life Ministries in the South of Johannesburg. Served as KAM (Kingdom Advancement Ministries Dr Judy Bauer) President in South Africa for the 26 years. KAM is an Evangelism and Discipleship training program. They also served as executive Directors for ICBC (International College of Biblical Counselling) Dr Wilfred Kent for 10 years. A major focus of his leadership sessions are the practical application of the most im They founded PIC (Pastor’s Internation Conference) which mentored and trained Pastors form the SADIC (South African Developing Nations). 450 pastors related to PIC which has been active for the past 20 years. Johan has recently been appointed as the International Director for FOCUS Life Institute Jan 2021 They recently founded TDM (Training and Developing Ministries) which offers ISOM (International School of Ministry) the worlds Largest DVD Bible school in RSA. ISOM currently has 17,500 training sites world wide in 75 languages. They also have a women's curriculum (Women Of the World), youth Curriculum (Youth Bytes and Cleansing Streams) , Mission Program BOKS (Building Others through Knowledge). Drs. Berin's and Lisa Gilfillian are the founders of ISOM and GSMI (Good Shepherd Ministries International)  Johan and Houkje were the RC for Southern Africa.

  • Matriculated 1966
  • Qualified as a Medical Technologist Clinical Pathology 1972
  • Certificate in Modern Marketing 2013
  • Ordained as a Pastor 15th Oct 1984 CFI Dr Fred Roberts
  • International ordination BetheL Christian Fellowship Dr Ron Halverson
  • Kam Consultant 7th August 1986
  • Bachelor of Theology 24th August 1989 CIC Dr Bill Haman
  • Masters of Biblical Counselling from ICBC Dr Wilfred Kent 13 th July 2003
  • Doctor of Philosophy ICBC Dr Wifred Kent 20th March 2011
  • Professional Business and Life Coach – mentor SABPP Dr Bill Price VIP
  • Ordained Baptist Pastor Southern Pastist 19th February 2017
  • Resides in Worcester MA USA

Johan and Houkje have been married for 49 years have two Children and 6 grandchildren and now reside in Worcester USA.

Number Speaks


Graduates Not Employed In Their Major


College Students That Change Their Major 1 to 3 Times


Students Who Drop Out Of Post-Secondary Education


The Effect Focus Life Institute Has On Your Life

What Our Students Have to Say

I feel like the skills that were taught are valuable and apply to the workplace. In school we are mainly taught the X’s and O’s and not taught how to deal with people. I have had a couple of interviews since learning about the DISC and people skills training, and I was able to easily identify their personalities. It helped me in the interviewing process, by giving me a feel on what they wanted to know from the interview. Overall, I believe these skills are very essential when I get out into the workplace and deal with people daily.
D. R.
For me it was interesting learning about the different behavioral styles. I’ve always kind of describe myself as an “I” style (people person) however, I didn’t know what that was before this class and it was hard to put into words. I now often find myself trying to figure out people’s different behavioral style, so I can get “in sync” with them. Whether it is my bosses, interviewers, friends, or family. I believe knowing these skills will be great for my future as a lawyer because getting into sync with others is a huge part of the persuasion and debate process. Thank you for this opportunity.
N. M.
I really feel the soft skills that we were taught has helped me a lot and will continue to help in my future. For me the biggest part was realizing who I was and why I acted the way I do. As most people do, I have run into conflicts throughout my life with people. It was very frustrating because we could simply not get along. The DISC behavioral system showed me why we don’t get along and why myself as well as others act the way they do. My relationships have already increased I can imagine that my career in the workplace will be greatly affected by this system. Realizing the traits of my own personality style was something that I have been missing for a long time. I can’t wait to reap the benefits of this knowledge!
F. C.
From Japan
Learning about the DISC behavioral system in this class has help me not only to better understand myself, but the people around me as well. I have been interviewing for a job this semester, and with the help of this behavior system I was able to understand the wants and expectations of my varying interviewers. Then I was able to blend my style to adapt to them, making the interviews much more, smooth. This ability will also help in my career, as I would know how to react to and work with different kinds of people, where before I was most likely most likely would have clashed with them.
N. K.

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Your Focus Determines Your Future!

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