About Focus Life Institute

Our cause is to educate, equip and empower individuals to focus on identifying their personal calling and assignment in life. This allows you to achieve your purpose and fulfill your destiny!

Ed Turose, Founder and CEO, Focus Life Institute

Ed Turose is the founder and CEO of Focus Life Institute. His practical expertise as a behavioral, Fortune 100 manager and trainer provides the basis for his curriculum. His proven development tools and books are the result. The Focus Life Institute delivers the essentials skills needed for individuals and students to be prepared and advance in their careers and in the workplace. Ed has a passion to equip, train and mentor individuals with the practical skills to impact and positively influence society.

Additionally, Ed has over 40 plus years of leadership and business experience as a people manager, trainer, consultant and strategic planner for two Fortune 500 Companies.

Comparatively, He worked for Uni-Lever, the largest packaged goods company in the world for 10 years.

All in all, He also served for 27 years as a manager and trainer for The Coca-Cola Company before retiring in June 2017 to focus on his new assignment to develop The Focus Life Institute.

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Above all, Ed Turose is known as “The Focus Coach” and has authored books, multiple development tools and marketplace resources. Additionally, his Focus Life Institute development tools meet the needs of all ages and have been implemented in schools, colleges, organizations and businesses. Ed is a graduate of Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA.