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The current career planning system is BROKEN!

Over 80% of college students change their major course of study between 1-3 times with an average cost of $10,000 per change!

Over 50% of graduates are not working in the major course of study from which they graduated!

Over 30% of students drop out of college in the first 2 years!

WE HAVE THE SOLUTIONS! Finding Life’s Direction Online Course Offers the Following:

  • Create Your Vision Statement
  • Identify Your Personality Style
  • Understand Your Passions
  • Discover Your Vocational Spheres of Influence
  • Match Your Behavioral Style With Jobs in the National Career Clusters
  • Identify Your Life’s Purpose
  • Eliminate and Reduce Distractions
  • Set Objectives, Goals and Strategies for Success

Order online today at www.focuslifeinstitute.com

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