F.A.S.T. Track Business Courses

The Focus Life F.A.S.T. Track (Focused Advanced Skills Training) courses were created by Ed Turose, Fortune 500 Manager and Trainer, for Unilever and The Coca-Cola Company with over 37 years of practical experience.

Ed and his team has created multiple workforce courses to help train and equip individuals with the essential skills needed to secure, progress and advance in their careers. Ed has trained multiple regions in The Coca-Cola Company with these essential skills that have improved and increased communication, collaboration, productivity, efficiency and profitability.

The biggest complaint that Ed Turose has heard from trainee’s is that they received information but did not know how to apply it in their life. Ed has listed below the differences our training courses will provide for each individual.

Training Differences From Other Training Modules

  1. Personalized:  Most training courses offer general solutions as compared to our personalized courses based on the individual’s personality style. We offer personalized solutions that they can incorporate in their personal and professional life. Our focus is on personal transformation, peer collaboration and performance evaluation.
  2. Accountability: Most people who take any type of training just check it off and never incorporate it into their personal or professional life. We provide accountability that is built into our program that produces transformational change. The trainee’s action plan can be used as an IPO (Individual Performance Objective) for that year. We suggest they use our profiles as a  360 review with their peers and managers. We offer a 30-day, 60 day and 6-month email for them to re-access their progress in their specific training.
  3. Application: Based on the history of our training course, when the materials are applied by the trainee, the results will increase productivity, efficiency and profitability in their personal and professional life.
  4. Ease Of Use: Our online training modules contain personalized profiles, individualized solutions, videos, and an action plan.


Our course model focuses on our C.O.R.E. training model that provides the essential skills for Competence in Organizational and Relational Effectiveness. Employers agree that candidates, as well as, their current employees, lack soft skills significantly. According to a survey by Adecco Staffing USA, 44 percent of executives said a lack of soft skills was the biggest proficiency gap they saw in the U.S. workforce. Research from the Society for Human Resource Management found that employers actually care more about soft skills than they do technical abilities like reading comprehension and mathematics.

“The No. 1 problem with today’s young workforce is the soft skills gap,” “It runs across the entire workforce — among workers with technical skills that are in great demand, every bit as much as workers without technical skills.” Soft skills are key to individuals’ success in the workplace and are a competitive differentiator in the marketplace. “They’re the source of a huge amount of power that is always right there hiding in plain sight — a tremendous reservoir of often untapped value — a secret weapon for any smart organization, team, leader or individual performer,” Bruce Tulgan.

Improving Employee Productivity

Research from the Hay Group revealed that managers who incorporate a range of soft talents into their leadership approach can increase their team’s performance by as much as 30 percent. According to a recent LinkedIn article, strengthening a soft skill is one of the best investments you can make in your career, as they never go out of style. Plus, the rise of AI is only making soft skills increasingly important, as they are precisely the type of skills robots can’t automate. That’s why 57% of senior leaders today say soft skills are more important than hard skills. (LinkedIn January 2019).

Top 10 Skills Needed by 2020

*According to World Economic Forum research, there are 10 soft skills that employees should have by 2020.

  1. People Management Skills
  2. Complex Problem Solving
  3. Critical Thinking  Creativity
  4. Coordinating With Others
  5. Emotional Intelligence
  6. Judgment 
  7. Decision-making
  8. Service Orientation
  9. Negotiation 
  10. Cognitive Flexibility

Our F.A.S.T. Track courses are online personalized courses that equip individuals in the essential skills that employers are searching for in their employees. Our courses will improve productivity, gain efficiencies and increase profitability within your organization.

What Others Are Saying


Ed did a great job leading the training for my team. We came away with a tighter bond and real tools that we could use to help each other achieve higher levels of performance. It ranks among the best trainings that I have had in my 20-year career in Fortune 100 companies. K.C. National Account Executive, The Coca-Cola Company.

My team members and I were having conflict on many issues, but the training helped us learned a lot about each other’s different behavioral styles. We basically found out what was important to each and how to use that to get our jobs done more effectively while building better relationships and trust. It really made our team meetings much more productive. J.C. Director of Sales, The Coca-Cola Company.

As a manager with the largest food broker in the world, I have to manage multiple team members including key account executives, retail sales teams and administrators. This training provided the tools I needed to manage all three groups to increase productivity and bring forth greater results. J.B., Vice President, Acosta Sales and Marketing.

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