Career Cluster 10


Preparing individuals for employment in career pathways that relate to families and human needs such as
counseling and mental health services, family and community services, personal care, and consumer services.

Skill Sets and Abilities Needed:

People skills
Communication skills
Relational skills
Counseling skills
Management abilities
Leadership skills
Time management
Personal judgments
Theological knowledge
Teamwork skills
Follow directions
Organizational skills
Give instructions
Creative ability
Writing skills
Detail oriented


Administrator - S, S/E, E/S, E
Arts and Drama - C, C/E, E/S, S/E, I/S
Associate Pastor - C/E, E/C, C/S, I/S, E/S
Business Manager - E, E/S, C/E/S
Caregiver - E, E/S, S
Cell Group Leader - C, E, C/E, C/I, E/S
Church Planter - I, C, C/I, I/C, I/S
Counselor (all) - E, C, C/E, E/S
Deacons - E, E/S, S/E, I/S, C/E
Exhorter - C, C/E, E/C, C/I
Elder - C, C/I, I/C, C/E, I/S
Evangelist - C, C/I, C/E
Disciple - I, C, E, S
Giver - C, E, S, C/E, C/I
Helper (hospitality) - E, E/S, E/C, C/E
Intercessor - E, E/S,C/E, I/S
Leader - C, I, C/I, I/C
Marriage Counselor - E, C, S, C/E
Barber - S, S/C, C/S
Building Manager - S, S/C, C/S
Child Care Worker - S, S/C, S/I
Cook/Chef - S, S/C, C/D
Corrections Officer - D, D/C, C/D, D/I
Cosmetologist - I, I/S, I/C, S/C
Custodian - S, S/C
Firefighter - D/C, D, C/D
Food/Beverage Service Worker - S, S/C, I/S
Food Service Manager - I/D, I/C, D/C
Funeral Director - S, S/C, C, S/I
Gardener/Groundskeeper - C, C/S, C, S/I
Guard - D/C, D/S, S
Home Health Aide - S, S/I, S/C
Hotel/Motel Manager - D/C, I/D
Hotel/Motel Asst. Manager - I/S, S, D/C, C/D
Housekeeper - S, S/C
Compliance Worker - C, C/S, S/C, D/C
Meat Cutter - C/S, S/C, S
Nurse - C/S, S/C, C/S/I, C/S/D
Police Officer - D/I, D/C, I/D
Post Clerk/Mail Carrier - S, S/C, C/S, I/S
Resident Director - C, E, C/E, E/S
Recreation Worker - S, S/I, S/C, D/C
Service Station Worker - S, S/I, S/C, D/C
Sports Instructor/Coach - I/C, I/D, I/S
Sports Trainer - C, S, I
Taxi Driver/Chauffer - I/D, I/S, S
Telephone Operator - I, I/C, I/S, S/C
Upholster - C, S/C, C/S, D/C
Waiter/Waitress - I, I/S, D/I
Credit Counselor - C, CS, CI, CIS
SPA Manager - ISC, ID, IS, SC
Personal Care Aide - SI, IS, SC, IC, ISC

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