Career Cluster 14


Planning, managing, and performing marketing activities to reach organizational objectives such as brand management, professional sales, merchandising, marketing communications and market research.

Skill Sets and Abilities Needed:

People skills
Communication skills
Negotiation skills
Time management
Conflict resolution
Presentation skills
Ability to change
Ability to take a risk
Creative ability/planning
Leadership skills


Advertising Sales - I, I/D, D
Automotive Salesperson - I, I/D, D
Counter/Rental Clerk - I, S, C
Insurance Agent - I, I/S, S
Manufacturer’s Representative - I, D/I, I/S, D/I
Real Estate Sales Agent - I, I/D, D, D/I
Retail Sales Manager - I, I/D, D
Retail Salesperson - I, I/D, I/S
Sales Engineer - I, C, I/C
Sales Representative - I, I/D, I/S
Service Sales - I, S, I/S, I/D
Wholesale Trade Sales - I, I/D, I/S, D
Marketing Manager - ID, ISC, CID, SID, CI
Market Research Analyst /Specialist - SC, SCI, CS, CI
ashier - C, CS, CI, SC, SI
Energy Broker - C, CS, DI, DC, ICS, CIS

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