Career Cluster 15


Planning, managing, and providing scientific research and professional and technical services (e.g., physical science, social science, engineering) including laboratory and testing services, and research and development services.

Skill Sets and Abilities Needed:

People skills
Communication skills
Logistical scientific thinking
Time management
Routine work
Follow instructions
Computer skills
Math/science skills
Use of tools/machines
Routine functions


Aerospace Engineer - C, C/S, C/D
Agricultural Engineer - C, C/S, C/D
Agricultural Scientist - C, C/S, C/D
Automotive Service Advisor - C, S, I
Biological Scientist - C, C/S, C/D
Biomedical Engineer - C, C/S, C/D
Broadcast Technician - S, C/S, C/D
Ceramic Engineer - S, C/S, C/D
Chemical Engineer - C, C/S, C/D
Chemist - C, C/S, C/D
Civil Engineer - C, C/S, C/D
Computer Programmer - C, C/S, C/D
Dental Lab Technician - S, C/S, C/D
Electrical/Electronic Engineer - C, C/S, C/D
Energy Conservation Technician - C, C/S, C/D
Engineering Technician - C, C/S, C/D
Forester/Conservation Scientist - C, C/S, C/D
Geographer - C, C/S
Geologists/Geophysicists - C, C/S
Industrial Engineer - C, C/D, C/S
Laser Technician - S, C/S, C/D
Marine Biologist - C, C/S
Marine Engineer/Architect - C, C/S
Mathematician - C, C/S
Mechanical Engineer - C, C/S, C/D
Metallurgical/Materials Engineer - C, C/S, C/D
Human Factors Engineers and Ergonomists - I, IS, SI, ISC, SCI
Astronomers - C, CS, S
Atmospheric and Space Scientists - IC, CI, SC, CS, C, ICS
Biochemists and Biophysicists - C, CS, CI ISC, SC
Cartographer and Photogrammetrist - C, CS, CSI, ICS, SC
Climate Change Analyst - C, CS, SC, ISC, CI
Clinical Data Manager - CS, SC, CSI, CI
Environmental Restoration Planner - CS, CI, ICS, CD, SCI
Hydrologist - C, CS, CI, SC, SCI
Remote Sensing Tech - C, CS, SC, CI, CSI, SCI
Meteorologists - C, S, I
Mining Engineer - C, S/C, C/D
Nuclear Quality Control Inspector - S, S/C
Operations Research Analyst - C, S/C, C/D
Ophthalmic Lab Technician - S, S/C,C/D
Petroleum Engineer - C, C/S, C/D
Physicist/Astronomer - C, C/S
Radio Operator - S, S/C
Research Worker - C,CS/C/D
Robotics Technician - C,CS/C/D
Science Technician - C,CS/C/D
Systems Analyst - C,CD/C/S
Surveyor - C, S/C, C/D
Water Treatment Plant Operator - D/C, C
Statistician C, CS, SC, S, CI

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