Career Cluster 16


The planning, management, and movement of people, materials, and goods by road, pipeline, air, rail and water and related professional and technical support services such as transportation infrastructure planning and management, logistics services, mobile equipment and facility maintenance.

Skill Sets and Abilities Needed:

People skills
Communication skills
Personal judgments
Time management
Teamwork skills
Follow instructions
Long hours
Hands-on experience
Practical solutions
Apply procedures
Accurate records
Routine work
Detail oriented


Aircraft Mechanic - C, C/D, C/S
Traffic Controller - C, C/D
Ambulance Attendant/Driver - C, S, I, D/C
Bus Driver - S, S/C, S/I, D/C
Dispatcher - S, S/C
Freight, Stock, Material Mover - S, S/C, C/D
Flight Attendant - I, I/S, S/C
Industrial Traffic Manager - I/D, I/S
Locomotive Engineer - S, S/D, D/C, C/D
Longshore Worker/Stevedore - S, C, S/C, I/S
Pilot, Airplane - D/C, D, D/I
Railroad Engineer - S, S/C, D/C
Rail Transportation Worker - S, S/C, D/C
Reservation Agent - I, I/S, I/D
Sailor/Deckhand - S, S/C, C/D
Travel Agent - I, I/S, I/D
Taxi Driver/ Chauffeur - S, S/I, I/D
Truck Driver - S, S/C, D/I
Aircraft Mechanic - C, C/S, S/C
Body Repairer - C, S/C, C/D
Auto Mechanic - C, S/C, C/D
Biomedical Technician - C, S/C, C/D
Communications Equipment Manager - I/C, I/D, D/C
Computer Maintenance Technician - S, S/C, D/C
Diesel Mechanic - C, S/C, C/D
Electronic Equipment Repairer - C, S/C
Electrical Power Line Installer - S, S/C, D/C
Food Service Manager - I/D, I/C, D/C
General Maintenance Mechanic - C, S/C, C/D
Heating/Cooling Mechanic - C, S/C, C/D
Heavy Equipment Mechanic - C, S/C, C/D
Home Appliance Power Tool Repairse - S, S/C, C/D
Home Electronic Equipment Repairer - S, S/C, C/D
Industrial Machine Repairer - S, S/C, C/D
Jeweler/Watch Repairer - S, S/C, C/D
Locksmith - C, S/C, C/D
Maintenance Supervisor- I/D, D/C
Musical Instrument Repairer/Tuner - C, S/C, C/D
Office Machine Repairer - S, S/C, C/D
Robotics Technician - S, S/C
Small Engine Mechanic - C, S/C, C/D
Solar Energy System Installer - S, S/C, C/D
Telephone Installer/Repairer - C, S/C, C/D
TV & Radio Repairer - C, S/C, C/D
Vending Machine Mechanic - C, S/C, C/D
Automotive & Watercraft Service Attendant - S, SC, CS, SCI, C
Bicycle Repairer - S, SC, CS, CI, CSI, ISC
Cleaners of Vehicles & Equipment - S, SC, CS
Billing and Posting Clerk - CS, SC, S, CI, IC
Cargo and Freight Agent - S, SC, SIC, CS
Delivery Service Driver - S, SC, CS, SCI
Packers and Packagers - SC, CS
Pump Operators - C, CS, S, SC, IC, CIS
Wellhead Pumper - CI

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