Career Cluster 18


Tech Prep is a nationwide career development system that provides a student with a planned program of study that incorporates academic and career-related courses articulated between the secondary and postsecondary levels leading to a diploma, degree, or two-year apprenticeship certificate. Recent statistics reveal that over 65% of all jobs in the 21st century will be skilled jobs demanding at least a two-year degree. Only 10% of all jobs in the 21st century will be unskilled. The remaining 25% are professional jobs that demand at least four years of secondary education at a college or university.

Skill Sets and Abilities Needed:

People skills
Communication skills
Personal judgments
Time management
Teamwork skills
Follow instructions
Long hours
Hands-on experience
Practical solutions
Apply procedures
Accurate records
Routine work
Detail oriented


Advertising Workers - I, I/S, S/I, D/I, I/D
Aerobics Instructors/Trainers - I, I/D, D/I, I/S, S/I
Agricultural Equipment Technicians - C, S, S/C, C/S
Air-Conditioning/Refrigeration - C, S, S/C, C/S
Technicians - S/C, C/S, D/C, C/D
Aircraft Mechanics - C, S, S/C, C/S
Airplane/Helicopter Pilots - D/C, C/D, I/S/C
Animal Breeders/Technicians - S, S/C, I/S, I/C
Animal Caretakers - S, C/S, C, C/S, I/C
Animal Trainers - I/D, D/C, I, S
Appliance Service Technicians - C, S, C/S, S/C
Assessors/Appraisers - C, C/S, S/C
Auto Collision Repairers - C, C/S, S/C
Auto Sales Workers - I/D, D/I, I/S, I
Auto Service Technicians - C, C/S, S/C
Barbers/Cosmetologists - I, I/S, S/I, S
Bicycle Mechanics - C, C/S, S/C
Billing Clerks - C, C/S, S/C
Biomedical Equipment Technicians - C, C/S, S/C
Bodyguards - D/I, I/D, I/S
Boilermaker/Mechanics - C, C/S, S/C, D/C
Bookkeeping/Accounting Clerks - C, C/S, S/C, C/D
Cable TV Technicians - C, S, C/S, S/C
Cardiovascular Technologists - C, C/S, S/C, I/C
Carpenters - C, C/S, S/C, S
Caterers - C/S, S/C, I/S, I/C
Cement Masons - C, S, C/S, S/C
Collection Workers - D/I, I/D, D, I
Communication Equipment Technicians - C, C/S, S/C
Computer/Office Service Technicians - C, C/S, S/C
Construction Inspectors - D/C, C/D, C/I
Correction Officers - I/D, D/I, I/S, I/S/C
Court Reporters - C, C/D, C/S
Credit Analysts - C, C/S, S/C, S
Custom Officials - C/I, I/C, I, C
Dairy Products Manufacturing Workers S, - S/C, S/I
Data Entry Clerks - C, C/S, S/C
Dental Assistants - I, C, S, I/S
Dental Hygienists - I, C, S, I/S
Dental Laboratory Technicians - C, S, S/C, C/S
Detectives - I/D, D/I, I/S/C
Diagnostic Medical Sonographers - C, C/S, S/C
Dialysis Technicians - C, C/S, S/C
Disc Jockeys - I/S, S/I, I, S
Drafters - C, C/D, D/C, D
Drywall Installers/Finishers - C, C/S, S/C, S
Electricians - C, S, S/C, C/S
Electrologists - C, S, C/I, S/C, S
Electroneurodiagnostic Technologists - C, C/S, S/C, S
Electronic Engineering Technicians - C, C/S, S/C, S
Electronic Sales/Service Technicians - C, C/S, S/C, S
Electroplating Workers - C, C/S, S/C, S
Emergency Medical Technicians - C, C/D, C/S, D
Farm Equipment Mechanics - C, C/S, S/C, S Farmers - D, D/C, C/S
Fashion Designers - I/D, D/I, I/S, I
Financial Institution Tellers - C, C/S, S/C, S
Fish Production Technicians - C, C/S, S/C, S
Fishers - S, S/C, S/I
Flight Attendants - I, S, I/S, I/D
Forestry Technicians - C, S/C, C/S
Forge Shop Occupations - C, C/S, S/C, S
Glaziers - C, C/S, S/C, S
Grain Merchants/Managers - I, I/D, D/I, D
Graphic Designers - C, C/D, C/S, D/C
Hazardous Waste Management - C, C/S, S/C, D/C
Home Care Aides - S, I/S, I/S/C, IC
Horticulture Technicians - C, C/S, S/C, S
Industrial Engineering Technicians - C, C/S, S/C, S
Industrial Machinery Mechanics - C, C/S, S/C, S
Instrumentation Technicians - C, C/S, S/C, S
Insurance Claims Reps - S, I/S, S/I, I/C
Interior Designers/Decorators - I, S, I/S, S/I, I/C


Ironworkers - S, S/C, C/S, D
Jewelers/Jewelry Repairers - C, C/S, S/C, S
Laboratory Testing Technicians - C, C/S, S/C, S
Laser Technicians - C, C/S, S/C, S
Life Insurance Agents/Brokers - I, S, I/S, S/I, I/D
Locksmiths - S, C, S/C, I
Machine Tool Operators - C, C/S, S/C, S
Machinists - S, S/C, C/S, C
Marine Service Technicians - C/D, C, C/S, S/C
Message Therapists - I, I/S, S/I, S/C
Mathematicians - C, C/S, S/C
Meat Cutters - S, S/C, S/I
Mechanical Engineering Technicians - C, C/S, S/C, S
Media Planners/Buyers - I, D, I/D, I/S
Medical Assistants - C, D/C, C/S, S/C
Medical Records Technicians - C, C/S, S/C
Medical Technologists - C, C/S, S/C
Merchandising Displayers - I, S, I/S, I/D
Millwrights - C, C/S, S/C, S
Nannies - I, I/S, S/I, I/C
Nuclear Medical Technologists - C, S/C, C/S
Numerical Control Tool Programmers - S, S/C, C/S, C
Operating Engineers - C, C/S, S/C, D/C
Painters/Sculptors - S/C, C/I, C/D, I/S
Paralegal - C, C/S, S/C, S
Park Rangers - I/S, S/I, S
Patternmakers - S/C, C/S, S, C
Perfusionists - S, S/C, C/S, C
Pet Groomers - I/S, S/I, S, I
Pharmacy Technicians - C, C/S, S/C
Photographers - I/S, I/C, I
Photographic Equipment Technicians - C, S/C, C/S
Photographic Lab Occupations - S, S/C, C/S, C
Physical Therapist Assistants - C, C/S, S/C
Pipefitters/Steamfitters - S/C, C/S, S
Plasters - S, C, S/C, C/S
Plumbers - S, C, S/C, C/S
Police Officers - I/D, D/I, I/S, D
Preschool Teachers/Child Care Workers - S, I, I/S, S/I


Printing Press Operators - S, C, S/C, C/S
Property/Casualty Insurance Agents - I, D, I/D, I/C
Property/Real Estate Managers - I, I/D, I/C
Purchasing Agents- I, I/D. I/S, D
Radiation Protection Technicians - S, C, S/C, C/S
Radio/TV Newscasters/Reporters - I, I/D, I/S, S
Radio Operators - S, S/I, I/S, I
Radiological Technologists - C, C/S, S/C, S
Receptionists - I, I/S, I/D, I/C
Recreation Workers - I/S, S, I, I/D
Reporters/Correspondents - I, D, I/D, I/S
Restaurant/Food Service Managers - I, D, I/D, I/S
Retail Managers - I, D, I/D, I/S
Robotics Engineer/Technicians - C, C/S, S/C, S
Roofers - S, S/C, C/S, C
Sales Representatives - I, D, I/D, I/S
Security Consultants/Technicians - I, I/S, S/I
Sheet Metal Workers - S, S/C, C/S, C
Shoe Industry Workers - S, S/C, C/S, C
Software Engineers - C, C/S, S/C, S
Stationary Engineers - C, S, S/C, C/S
Stevedoring Occupations - S, C, S/C, I/S
Stock Clerks - S, I/S, I
Surgical Technologists - C, S, S/C, C/S
Surveyors - C/S, C, S/C, S
Tailors/Dressmakers - S/C, I/S, I/C
Teacher Aides - I/S, I/C, S/C
Telemarketers - I, D, I/D, I/S
Title Searchers/Examiners - S/C, C/S, C, S

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