Career Cluster 8


Planning, managing, and providing therapeutic services, diagnostic services, health informatics, support services, and biotechnology research and development.

Skill Sets and Abilities Needed:

People skills
Communication skills
Detail oriented
Time management
Teamwork skills
Follow instructions
Math skills
Science skills
Technical skills
Computer technology
Logical thinking
Personal judgments
Complex problems


Abuse Social Workers - I/C, I/S/C, C/S
Activities therapist - I, I/S, I/C
Administrator - C/D, I/S/C
Adolescent Specialist - I/C, S/C
Adult Day Care Worker - S/C, C/S
Alcohol Counselor - I/C, I/S/C, C/S
Ambulance Attendant/Driver - I, S, C, D/C
Anesthesiologist - C, C/I, D
Biomedical Engineer - C, C/S
Caregiver - S, S/C, C
Case Management Aide - S/C, C/S
Case Manager - S/C, C/S, I/S/C
Client or Child Advocate - I/C, S/C
Child Social Worker - S/C, C/S, I/S/C
Chiropractor - C, C/S, S/C
Clinical Laboratory Technologist - C, S/C
Communications Director - I/D, I/S
Computer Programmer - C, C/S, C/D
Cook/Chef - S, S/C, C/DS
Correctional Treatment Specialist - I/C, C/S
Counselor - S, I, S/C, I/S
Crisis Therapist - D/I/C, D/C, C/D
Custodian - S, S/C
Data Entry Clerk - C, C/S, S/C, S
Dental Assistant - C, C/S, S/C
Dental Hygienist - C, S, I
Dental Laboratory Technician - C, S/C
Dentist - C/S, S/C, C/I
Dialysis Technician - C, S/C
Dietician/Nutritionist - C, S/C
Director of Professional Services - C/S/D, S/C
Disorder Counselors - C/S, S/C, I/S/C
Drug Abuse Counselor - C/S, S/C, I/S/C
Educational Administrator - C, C/S, S/C, D/C
Electrocardiograph Technician - C, S/C
Emergency Medical Technician - C, C/D, D/C
File Clerk - S, C, S/C
Food Service Manager - I/D, I/C, D/C
Forensic Case Monitor - C, C/S
General Office Clerk - S, I, C
Guidance Counselor - I/S/C, C/S, I/C
Health Administrator - I/D, I/S, D/C
Health Service Managers - D/C, C/D, D/I
Home Health Aide - S, S/I, S/C
Housekeeper - S, S/C
Human Service Workers - S, S/C
Industrial Hygienist - S, S/C
Information and Referral Specialist - S/C, C/S
Inspector/Compliance Worker - C, C/S, S/C, D/C
Insurance Agent - I, I/S, S
Marriage and Family Therapists - S, I, C, I/S
Marriage Counselor - S, I, C, I/S
Medical Assistant - I/S, S
Mental Health Aide - C/S, S/C
Nurse - C/S, S/C, C/S/I, C/S/D
Mental Health Counselor - I/S/C
Office Machine Operator - S, S/C, C
Optician - C, C/S, S/C
Payroll Clerk - C, C/S, S/C
Physician - C/S, S/C, C/S/I, C/D, C/S/D, C/I/D
Physician Assistant - C, C/S, C/S/I
Psychologist - S, S/I, S/C
Public Health Manager - D/C, D/I/C, I/S/C
Receptionist - I, S, I/S
Recreation Worker - S, S/I, S/C, D/C
Stenographer - C, C/S
Substance Abuse Counselor - D/I, I/S, C/S
Teacher Aide - S, C, I/S
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor - I, I/D, I/S
Medical Scientist - C, CS, CIS
Technologist and Technician - C, CS, CSI, SC
Phlebotomist - C, CS, CSI, S, SC
Exercise Physiologist - CIS, CD, CS, SC, SD
Physical Therapist - CS, CSI, SC, ISC

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