Career Cluster 9


Preparing individuals for employment in career pathways that relate to families and human needs such as
restaurant and food/beverage services, lodging, travel and tourism, recreation, amusement and attractions.

Skill Sets and Abilities Needed:

Active Listening
Reading Comprehension
Complex Problem Solving
Critical Thinking.
Judgment and Decision Making
Social Perceptiveness
Systems Analysis
Service Orientation
Management of Personnel Resources
Time Management
Active Learning


Amusement Attendant - S/C, C/S, I/C
Animal Caretaker - I/S, S, S/C
Baggage Porter/Bellhop - I/S, I/C, S/C
Baker - S/C, C/S
Barber - S, S/C, C/S
Bartender - I/S, I/C
Building Manager - S, S/C, C/S
Bus Driver - S, S/C, S/I, D/C
Butcher/Meat Cutter - S/C, C/S
Chef/Head Cook - D/C, I/C, I/S/C
Child Care Worker - S, S/C, S/I
Concierge - I/S, I/C, S/C
Cook/Chef - S, S/C, C/D
Cosmetologist - I, I/S, I/C, S/C
Custodian - S, S/C
Dining Room/Cafeteria Attendant - S/C, C/S, S
Dishwasher - S/C, C, S
Dispatcher - S, S/C
Drying Machine Operator - S/C, C/S
Fast Food Cook - S, S/C, C/D
Firefighter - D/C, D, C/D
Food Baking Operator - S, S/C, C/D
Food Batchmaker - S, S/C, C/D
Food Cooking Machine Operator - S, S/C, C/D
Food Counter Attendant - S, S/C, C/S
Food Prep Worker - S/C, C/S
Food Preparation Supervisor - D/C, I/C, I/S/C
Food Service Manager - I/D, I/C, D/C
Food/Beverage Service Worker - S, S/C, I/S
Funeral Director - S, S/C, C, S/I
Gaming Cage Worker - S/C, C/S, I/S
Gaming Change/Booth Cashier - S/C, C/S, I/S
Gaming Dealer - S/C, C/S, I/S
Gaming Manager - C/D, D/C, I/C
Gaming Supervisor - C/D, D/C, I/C
Gardner/Groundskeeper - C, C/S, C, S/I
Guard - D/C, D/S, S
Helper (hospitality) - S, S/C, S/I, I/S
Home Health Aide - S, S/I, S/C
Hotel, Motel, Resort Desk Clerk - I/S, I/C
Hotel/Motel Asst. Manager - I/S, S, D/C, C/D
Hotel/Motel Manager - D/C, I/D
Housekeeper - S, S/C
Inspector/Compliance Worker - C, C/S, S/C, D/C
Institution/Cafeteria Cook - S, S/C, C/D
Janitor/Cleaner - S/C, C/S
Lodging Manager - D/C, I/D
Maids/Housekeeper - S/C, C/S
Maintenance Supervisor - I/S/C, C/D
Meat Cutter - C/S, S/C, S
Musical Instrument Repairer/Tuner - C, S/C, C/D
Personal Service Supervisor - C/D, I/C, I/S/C
Police Officer - D/I, D/C, I/D
Post Clerk/Mail Carrier - S, S/C, C/S, I/S
Recreation Attendant - S/C, C/S, I/C
Recreation Worker - S, S/I, S/C, D/C
Reservation Agent - I, I/S, I/D
Reservation/Transportation Ticket Agent - S/C, C/S, I/S
Restaurant and Food Service Managers - C, S, I, D, D/C
Service Station Worker - S, S/I, S/C, D/C
Small Engine Mechanic - C, S/C, C/D
Sports Instructor/Coach - I/C, I/D, I/S
Sports Trainer - C, S, I
Taxi Driver/ Chauffeur - S, S/I, I/D
Telephone Operator - I, I/C, I/S, S/C
Tour Escort/ Guide - I/C, C/I
Travel Agent - I, I/S, I/D
Travel Agent/Guide - I, I/S, I/D
Upholster - C, S/C, C/S, D/C
Waiter/Waitress - I, I/S, D/I
Financial Examiner - CD, CS, ISC, IC
Construction and Building Inspector - C, CS, CD, S, SC

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