More than two-thirds of the student participants in an audience poll believe high schools aren’t preparing students for careers. That figure is distressingly high, but it’s 93 percent for non-students, including educators, parents, and other adults.

These results reflect what research shows: high school is NOT doing enough to prepare students for the future of work and the real world!


In These Uncertain Times…

Students Feel Stressed, Anxious and Unprepared For their Future

  • 80% Of College Students Change Their Major 1-3 Times at an Approximate Cost of 12k Per Change)

  • 55% of Students Have No Idea What To Major In Because They Have Not Developed a Focused Career Plan

  • 50% pf Graduates Are Not Working In Their Major

  • 30% Of College Students Drop Out In The First Two Years

PARENTS Feel Frustrated About Schools Not Preparing Kids for the Real World

  • 90% Agree That Now Are Than Ever, Kids Need Additional Learning Support

  • 88% of Parents Feel Their Child Needs More Individualized Attention at School

  • 77% of Parents Agree That The Current Education System is a “One-Size-Fits-All” Environment

  • Over 60% Of Parents Believe Schools Are Headed in the Wrong Direction

EVERYONE Is Worried About Children's Futures Post COVID-19

  • COVID-19 Pandemic Has Caused Learning Losses, Mental Health Struggles and Behavioral Issues.

  • The New York Times Described How Kids Will Need “At Least 3-Yrs” To Catch Up To Where They Should Be

  • A Survey Found That Over 50% Of High School Students DO NOT Feel Prepared To Enter The Real World

  • Schools Have NOT Prepared Teenagers To Have A Focused Plan For Their Future


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Don’t Wait Another Minute!

Don’t Just Hope For The Best.

Whether your child intents to pursue higher education, a career, or is simply planning for their future, they need a focused solution plan!


  • Provides parents with peace of mind for their child’s future

  • Provides a winning formula to trust your child is on the right path

  • Identify your child’s ideal career, saving you time and thousands of dollars in changing majors

  • Discover your child’s personal vision and purpose for their life

  • Gain a clear understanding of your child’s gift cluster, to align them with the right career path

  • Helps your child make bette quality life decisions

  • Raise your child’s over-all achievement level

  • Provides the direction for your child to focus in an age of many distractions

  • Provides your child with the essential “soft skills” that schools are NOT providing

  • Secure your child’s desired job through utilizing a detailed behavioral interview and analysis

  • Equips your child with the values employer’s demand through the HEROES Effect principals

  • Provides insight into your child’s creativity and entrepreneurial gifting


Focus On Self Development and Career Readiness

1. Personality – Identifying Your Behavioral Style and the Motivations of Others
2. Behavioral Flexibility and Adaptability – Blending and Connecting With Others
3. Behavioral Leadership and Occupational Characteristics
4. Identifying DISC and General Occupations
5. Matching Behavior With Occupations in the 16 Career Clusters
6. How to Gain Workplace Preparation
7. Identifying Your Passion Areas
8. Creating a Personal Vision for Your Life
9. Exam/Assessment
10. Peak Performance Setting Goals – Educational, Career and Personal Goals

Focus On Essential Soft Skills For The Workplace

11. Introduction to Soft Skills – What Employers Are Requiring
12. Communication – Improving Interaction With Others
13. Collaboration – Working Better In Teams
14. Conflict Resolution – How to Reduce and Overcome Conflict
15. Confidence – Building Self-Esteem
16. Creativity – Identifying Your Creative Abilities
17. Character – Protecting Your Reputation
18. Exam/Assessment
19. Critical Thinking Skills Problem Solving – Learn How to Solve Problems
20. Critical Thinking Skills Decision Making – Discover How to Make Quality Decisions

Focus On Values, Character, Budget and Interviewing

21. HEROES Character Development, Profile and e-Book
22. Operating in Honor and Excellence
23. Understanding Responsibility and Order
24. Living in Expectation and Servanthood
25. Hot to Interview Overview
26. Understanding the Behavioral Interview
27. Mock Interview with Role Playing
28. Exam/Assessment
29. Job Acquisition Overview and Application
30. Time Management – Managing Your Time
31. Basic Budgeting Principles

Focus On Entrepreneurship and the Power Of Focus

32. Basic Entrepreneurship
33. Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs
34. Basic Components of A Business Plan
35. Insights for Success – Innovation, Concepts, Execution and Solutions
36. Exam/Assessment
37. Starting Your Own Business
38. The Power of Focus
39. Identifying Distractions
40. Overcoming Distractions
41. Focused Environment
42. Focused Energy
43. Focused Excellence
44. Your Unique Profile