Career Readiness and Workplace Preparation – Are Students Prepared?

As students leave home for college or a secondary education, many parents do not know the current statistics that might affect the future plans of their child. I have talked to hundreds of parents whose children have become another one of these statistics that I have listed below. This is why I gather a team of experts – Principals, Administrators, Teachers, Business Leaders, and Entrepreneurs to create practical online courses based on personal experience and not theory.

Current Statistics
Over 50% of students are not working a job or career in their major course of study. This is a waste of time and money if you not working in a job or career
based on your time and financial investment. Source: CareerBuilder – An estimated 20 to 50 percent of students enter a post-secondary education experience without declaring a major course of study. Source: Gordon
– Over 80% of students change their major course of study at least 1 to 3 times with an average cost of over $12,000 per change leading to additional debt of
the college investment. Source: National Center of Education Statistics
– Over 30% of students drop out of college within the first two years. The United States has lowest college completion rate in the developed world. Source: National Student Clearinghouse and the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development
– Finally, for over the past 20 years, employers continue to say that graduates coming out of college, university or technical schools continued to lack the soft skills to be able to be successful within their company or organization. Source: PayScale

This is a reason why we created the Focus Life Institute. Our purpose is to empower, equip and prepare you to become focused on your personal assignment
and purpose in life to impact, transform and positively influence society! Our materials will help you to discover life’s direction, develop career readiness and
be prepared for the workplace.

We have piloted our program at a Blue-Ribbon school in Greenville, PA. The school’s Guidance Counselor states that “your program is very unique and there are very few, if any programs, that can give you everything in one location. It really is second to none. There is nothing else like it”. Kristen R. Guidance Counselor, Greenville, PA  Jr. High 

Our passion is for parents to help prepare their child for their future by using on online courses at home and making this a unique bonding session with the family to plan their future together. The average Guidance Counselor oversees over 280 students and the average amount of time spent with each student is under 35 minutes per student during their high school years. Most of the counselors are asking the students about their interest and showing them schools that they might want to visit and eventually submit an application. Our courses provide a personalized review of every aspect of their future potential and get them focused on a bright future.

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