Career Ready Workplace Preparation: K – 12 Faith Based

CRWP: K - 12 Faith Based

Focus Life Institute Offeres A Faith Based Career Ready / Workplace Preparation Program

CRWP: K - 12 Faith Based

Focus Life Institute Offeres A Faith Based Career Ready / Workplace Preparation Program

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Private and Faith-Based Course Information From The Focus Life Team.

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We have a solution to help your school! Our online Program is the only one of its type available.

Our all- inclusive, online, turn-key curriculum modules equip students for career readiness and workplace preparation. By putting career education and work standards into practice, our K-12 modules include the topics, activities, artifacts, “I” statements and more that address the CEW standards by producing a career portfolio and business plan for students.

Our online curriculum help students through a process for them to make quality decisions about their future education and career path.

The benefits for your school include:

  • Save time, money and resources in building curriculum
  • Offers turn-key online modules that are easy to implement
  • Our modules match all the requirements and activities for each grade level
  • We are local, support our communities and want to equip our students to stay in our area and be productive wealth-generating citizens
  • We provide video and in-school training for counselors and facilitators
  • Minimal cost per student as we identify local grant funding sources (Job Partnerships) and we provide help in writing your grant application to secure funding

Our development tools provide the following:

  • Online E-Learning
  • Personalized Profiles and Individual Sessions
  • PDF’s, Personal Note Taking Ability, Career Portfolio and Business Plan
  • Video Facilitator Coaching Guides and In-school Coaching

Greenville Junior High School, a Blue-Ribbon School, in Greenville, PA, piloted our program in January – May 2018 with great results as noted below

Results from Blue Ribbon School

The Program was implemented at Greenville Junior High in Greenville, PA, in the 8th grade beginning in January 2018. The school decided to switch from their current career program and offer the personalized program from the Focus Life Institute.  The following results were achieved based on the Guidance Counselor’s outcomes.

  • The personalized DISC Focus Profile helped students in developing people skills by understanding themselves and the motivations of others.
  • The DISC Focus Profile results for each student was matched with careers in the 16 career clusters providing a better match than previous career profiles.
  • Finding Life’s Direction materials were easy to comprehend while the students had fun understanding their behavioral differences.
  • Each student created a vision statement of where they were going in life as well as set personal, professional and career goals.
  • The online Finding Life’s Direction Development tool was easy to navigate, provided a section to capture personal notes and provided a summary Career Portfolio that is required.  

Our materials can be personalized to meet your specific school’s objectives and goals. You can customize your program and utilize all or part of the sessions in our development tool. Our materials will help you to discover life’s direction, develop career readiness and be prepared for the workplace.

Our online Program is the only one of its type available. Please contact us for more information and to discuss how we can help your students.

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Ed Turose, CEO, Focus Life Institute

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