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Ed Turose · May 4, 2020

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In this course, we will review the DISC Behavioral Profile and a complete review of each behavioral style. You will gain an understanding of your personal personality or behavioral style as well as understanding the motivations of others.

This information is very valuable information about yourself and the motivations of others. Once you take the focus behavioral profile and identify your personal style, it will provide you with a complete understanding of your:

  • general personality characteristics
  • inspiring traits and qualities
  • ideal environment to attain greater levels of success
  • value and significance to an organization or team
  • personal development areas for you to grow and progress

In addition, you’ll be able to:

  • understand the different characteristics and motivations of others
  • communicate more effectively with others
  • interact better with others
  • get in sync and be flexible with others to see greater results
  • resolve conflict
  • influence others
  • use this information to better focus to achieve your own personal objectives and goal.

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