F.A.S.T. Track – Customer Focused Sales Strategies

Ed Turose · November 26, 2020


In this course, we will be equipping you with the strategies that will help you to be successful in the “new normal” of selling in this current environment. Within a day, the face to face sales approach was stopped! Many people were scrambling how to connect with their peers, customers and key relationships to keep them healthy and productive.

This course will focus on the following selling and customer service strategies:

  • Behavioral Selling Skills
  • Behavioral Sales Flexibility: Adapting, Blending and Connecting With Others
  • Effective Customer Sales and Customer Service: Face-to-Face, Virtual, Emails and Phone Selling Strategies  
  • P.A.I.D.I.N.C. Sales Technique
  • Professionalism in Sales

By understanding the motivations of others and how they communicate, you will gain the edge in overcoming the social distancing phenomenon and continue to be successful in your workplace.

The key to success is your ability to identify how to adapt and be flexible with your customers. My 37 years-experience as a sales manager with both Unilever and The Coca-Cola Company overseeing multiple markets caused me to interact with my customers in all areas of technology. One of the most important skills that you can master in this age of social distancing is to understand the behavioral style of your customers and learn how to connect with them using the accurate words and asking the right questions.

The outcomes of this course are as follows:

  • Gain an understanding of self and the motivations of others
  • Learn how to adapt, blend and connect with others
  • Discover how to communicate effectively with face-to-face, virtual, email and phone technology platforms
  • Identify ways to sell using the P.A.I.D.I.N.C. process
  • Learn the powerful virtues of Professionalism 

Sales is all about effective communication and building relationships with your clients and customers. This F.A.S.T. track professional development course will provide you with the selling techniques to give you an advantage over competition to enjoy greater levels of success in your life.

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