F.A.S.T. Track – Personal and Behavioral Development

Ed Turose · January 18, 2019

Course Outcome

This personalized course is focused on equipping you with the people skills that help you understand yourself as well as the motivations of others using the DISC Personality System. This training focuses on real work with real people and the unique differences of each behavioral style that carry out the work of the organization. In today’s society, executives, trainers and professionals are being asked to provide solutions to hard-to-solve problems. That’s because whenever people come together around a common goal, whether it is in their professional or personal lives, is understanding and conflict will inevitably arise.

In the workplace, that can mean a decrease in productivity affecting net revenue and gross profit for the organization. At home, misunderstanding can lead to frustration and broken relationships affecting every aspect of a person’s life. The purpose of this course is to equip you with the model to understand human behavior more profoundly. It will teach you how and why people are motivated differently and the various behavioral needs that make individuals unique. This course was utilized at The Coca-Cola Company through Manager/Trainer and Behavioral Consultant, Ed Turose, that increased productivity and efficiency by helping employees to understand behavioral flexibility and by getting in sync with different behavioral style producing greater results.

This course will produce the following outcomes:

  • How and Why People are Motivated Differently
  • Understanding of Your Behavioral Strengths, Value, and Limitations
  • How Each Behavior Communicates & Cooperates Within the Team
  • How to Build Trust & Confidence Between Team Members
  • How to Work More Effectively With Each Other to Increase
  • Productivity & Create a Stronger Team

Capturing Your Thoughts

Each of our courses offers two ways to be able to capture your thoughts. You can capture these reflective thoughts by using the note-taking section that is built into each module. Taking notes as you are learning these insights will ensure that they will not be lost or forgotten. Your note taking can serve as a kind of journaling process that you can re-visit while working through the various components of each module. Secondly, we have provided a separate downloadable interactive PDF that has questions for you to answer in each of the four lessons – Assumptions, Assessments, Application and Accountability. You can save and print out this PDF Interactive information and share with your manager, team members or peers

IMPORTANT: Before you begin your course sessions below, you will need to download and save the attached Focus Life Institute interactive document that you will be using to answer the questions within this course. This document will provide you with a complete portfolio of this course that can be used as a personal reference, a discussion with others or can be handed in as an assignment based on your specific circumstances. Please make sure you remember where you saved your document and keep it open as you will be filling the document out after each individual session in this course.

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