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Ed Turose · April 11, 2021


In this course, we are going to review the behavioral traits and characteristics of entrepreneurs. Recently, there has been a lot of focus on entrepreneurship and an operating with an entrepreneurial spirit. We suggest you first work for a company and serve them and by doing so will prepare you to be an entrepreneur of your own company. Here are some following suggestions:

  1. Act Like An Owner – if you operate and act like you own the company you are currently working for, it will provide you with a better understanding of how to own your own company.
  2. Excellence – choose to walk in excellence in all you do at your current company.  
  3. Capacity – increase your capacity and knowledge within the organization. Volunteer and lead whenever possible. Learn how to do all functions of the organization that will help prepare you for your own company.
  4. Attitude – always go to your current job and have a positive attitude. Charge the atmosphere and environment within your sphere of influence and look for ways to help others.
  5. Servant Leader: Become a servant leader to others in the organization and this will prepare you to lead others.     

The outcomes for this course are as follows:

  • Gain an understanding of basic entrepreneurship
  • Discover the qualities of successful entrepreneurs
  • Comparing and contrasting entrepreneurship and traditional employment
  • Uncover the personal characteristics of an entrepreneur
  • Learn the specific behaviors of unstoppable entrepreneurs
  • Be equipped in understanding of self and the personality styles of others
  • Discover the entrepreneur characteristics of DISC Behavioral Styles
  • Acquire the basic components of a business plan
  • Gain insights for success for Innovation, Concepts, Execution, and Solutions
  • Create a personal vision for your own business

Please download your PDF and capture your results in each section.

The courses includes the following sessions:

Session 1: Introduction

Session 2: Basic Entrepreneurship

Session 3: Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Session 4: Personality and Behavioral Traits of Entrepreneurs

Session 4: Basic Components of a Business Plan

Session 5: Insights for Success

Session 6 Create a Vision

Session 7 Summary

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