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Ed Turose · September 16, 2015

IMPORTANT: Before you begin your course sessions below, you will need to download and save the attached Focus Life Institute interactive document that you will be using to answer the questions within this course. This document will provide you with a complete portfolio of this course that can be used as a personal reference, a discussion with others or can be handed in as an assignment based on your specific circumstances. Please make sure you remember where you saved your document and keep it open as you will be filling the document out after each individual session in this course.


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Focus Vision was created to help you find life’s direction and assist you to prepare for your future.

  1. Vision: We help you create your personal vision statement of where you are going in life. 
  2. Passion: We help identify what fires you up!
  3. Planning – Identifying your focus behavioral style and creating a Life Plan.
  4. Purpose:  We help you create a purpose statement of why you exist.
  5. Possibilities: We provide assistance in identifying, reducing and eliminating distractions that will hold you back from producing greater results in your life. 
  6. Peak Performance: We facilitate a strategic process called OGSM’s (Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures) to help you get focused and achieve your assignment in life.

The end result is an action plan to achieve your dream and fulfill your destiny!

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