Focus On Personal Behavioral Style

Ed Turose · June 8, 2016

IMPORTANT: Before you begin your course sessions below, you will need to download and save the attached Focus Life Institute interactive document that you will be using to answer the questions within this course. This document will provide you with a complete portfolio of this course that can be used as a personal reference, a discussion with others or can be handed in as an assignment based on your specific circumstances. Please make sure you remember where you saved your document and keep it open as you will be filling the document out after each individual session in this course.


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Identify Your Sphere of Influence: Which of the 7 cultural mountains in society are you called to influence – business, arts and entertainment, media, education, government, family or religion?
This mini-course offers the following:
i.    The 7 Spheres of Social Influence Strategy
ii.    7 Spheres Definitions
iii.    7 Spheres of Social Influence Profile
iv.    7 Spheres Graph of Top Spheres
v.    How to Experience Your Mountain
vi.    Biographies of 7 Sphere Change-Agents in Each Sphere
vii.    Review of the Top 24 Important Trends in the Past 25 Years

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