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Our attentions spans are now under 8 seconds before we get distracted. Over 70% of individuals in the workplace say that they are distracted on a daily basis. Between personal issues, social media, smartphones, and boredom distracted employees are wasting time and costing you money.

In an article on the, businesses can lose up to $10,000 per employee per year due to distractions and poorly designed technology. says that most employees spend 28% of their time dealing with unnecessary interruptions – that’s 2 to 3 hours per day. That’s a huge loss of productivity. 

This course provides the strategies to overcome workplace distractions by creating a focused environment and where to place your effort and energy producing greater results.

“My workplace is full of distractions that are effecting my ability to concentrate. By learning how to identify and reduce my personal distractions, I have seen an increase in productivity, efficiency and time management.” T.S.

Want More Details of the Course?

The Overcoming Workplace Distractions course is committed to individuals who want to find a clear direction for their life by applying practical tools to overcome daily distractions and how to create a work/life balance. Businesses are losing millions of dollars annually on workplace distractions. Attention spans are now under 8 seconds.

Research proves that workplace distractions affects many employees.

  • According to Udemy’s survey, nearly 3 out of 4 workers (70 percent) admit they feel distracted when they’re on the job, with 16 percent asserting that they’re almost always distracted. The problem is biggest for Millennials and Gen Zers, with 74 percent reporting feeling distracted.
  • Distractions happen, but if we recognize these distractions, we can save time and money. According to, here are the biggest distractions at work:
    • Cell Phones and Texting
    • Gossip
    • Internet Surfing
    • Social Media
    • Snack Breaks
    • Smoke Breaks
    • Noisy Co-Workers
    • Meetings
    • Emails
    • Co-Workers Dropping By
    • Co-Workers Putting Calls On Speaker Phone

Our Overcoming Workplace Distractions course produces the following outcomes:

  • Discover the Power of Focus for the Workplace
  • Create a Lifestyle of Focus Both at Work and at Home
  • Identify Your Specific Distractions with our Distraction Profile
  • Learn How to Overcome Distractions
  • Create a Focused Creative Environment
  • Pinpoint Ways to Focus Your Effort and Energy
  • Discover How-to Walk-in Excellence to See Greater Results


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