EDtalk – Your Unique Assessment – Understanding Self

EDtalk – Your Unique Assessment – Understanding Self

It’s FREE! As a trainer and manager with The Coca-Cola Company for over 27 years and a certified behavioral trainer (DISC Behavioral System), I gathered together a team of behavioral experts and we created a brand-new cutting edge assessment. Over the years there have been all types of rating scales developed to measure attitude, the most popular being the Likert scale (rate something from 1 to 10) which was created in 1932. The problem is, it has major accuracy issues because of how people view what these numbers mean. This outdated piece of technology lacks precision and does not accurately reflect your true sentiment. That’s exactly what we thought, and we partnered with behavioral experts to create a brand-new, high definition behavioral assessment solution. The predictive analytics engine removes subjectivity by allowing you to accurately quantify your priorities and provides valuable insights about yourself. The more you know about yourself, the better quality decisions you will make for your future. Get your FREE assessment at https://lnkd.in/ekgm64Y

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