Educational Curriculum K-12


Educational Curriculum K-12

A recent webinar by Naviance, entitled “Trends in Preparing Students for the Future” was attended by nearly a thousand K-12 educators and focused on unpacking the latest college, career, and life readiness trends. The first question was – Do you feel your students are ahead, on track, or behind in their college planning process? The results…

  • Ahead: 2%
  • Behind: 66%
  • On track: 32%

Takeaways: Many schools and districts report feeling behind amid the challenges of the current pandemic. This is a particularly difficult year for college planning because virus protocol has limited many of the traditional aspects of planning. But COVID-19 does offer an opportunity for educators and administrators to hone technology and find innovative ways to connect with students. Our courses will help enhance, support and complement your guidance department.

Focus Life Institute is an on-line, educational, strategic training curriculum that equips, educates and empowers individuals to FOCUS on identifying their calling and assignment in life, achieve their purpose and fulfill their destiny.

Our curriculum provides a personalized experience for students in the following areas:

  • SEL – social-emotional learning support
  • essential soft skills
  • career readiness
  • values and character development
  • transition to work or post-secondary education

Our practical all-inclusive online Career Ready Workplace Preparation Courses are designed for grades:

  • K-3rd 15 weeks of curriculum
  • 4-5th 18 weeks of curriculum
  • 6 – 8th 36 weeks (full year) of curriculum
  • 9-12th 36 weeks (full year) of curriculum

These powerful all-inclusive online courses will provide the following:

  • Creating a Personal Vision Statement and Identifying Passion Areas
  • Behavioral Development – Understanding Self and the Motivations of Others
  • Matching Student’s Behavioral Style With Jobs in the 16 Career Clusters
  • Setting Career, Educational and Personal Goals
  • Equipping in the Top 10 Soft Skills + Interviewing To Secure Their Desired Job
  • Values and Character Development 
  • Job Acquisition Overview and Application
  • Basic Budgeting Principles
  • Entrepreneurship

All courses offer online E-learning, personalized profiles and videos, individual sessions, PDF downloads, personal note taking ability, interactive career portfolio, business plan, zoom or in-school coaching, facilitator guides and lesson plans. We offer consortium pricing to all schools.

Each of our modules can be applied into your current system as a workplace preparation class, used within a club or organization within your school. You have the option of how to control your time and effort into each session of the specific development tool. We also provide a faith-based curriculum.

Listed below is our Career Ready and Workplace Preparation Courses:

All-Inclusive 36 Week Lessons For Grades 9-12

WEEK 1-9

Focus on Self Development and Career Readiness

1 Personality – Identifying Your Behavioral Style and the Motivations of Others
2 Behavioral Flexibility and Adaptability – Blending and Connecting With Others
3 Behavioral Leadership and Occupational Characteristics
4 Identifying DISC and General Occupations
5 Matching Behavior With Occupations in the 16 Career Clusters
6 How to Gain Workplace Preparation
7 Identifying Your Passion Areas
8 Creating a Personal Vision for Your Life
9 Exam/Assessment

WEEK 10-18

Focus on Essential Skills For The Workplace

10 Peak Performance Setting Goals – Educational, Career and Personal Goals
11 Introduction to Soft Skills – What Employers Are Requiring
12 Communication – Improving Interaction With Others
13 Collaboration – Working Better in Teams
14 Conflict Resolution – How to Reduce and Overcome Conflict
15 Confidence – Building Self Esteem
16 Creativity – Identifying Your Creative Abilities
17 Character – Protecting Your Future
18 Exam/Assessment

WEEK 19-28

Focus on Values And Interviewing Skills

19 Critical Thinking Skills Problem Solving – Learn How to Solve Problems
20 Critical Thinking Skills Decision-Making – Discover How to Make Quality Decisions
21 HEROES Character Development, Profile and e-book
22 Operating in Honor and Excellence
23 Understanding Responsibility and Order
24 Living in Expectation and Servanthood
25 How to Interview Overview
26 Understanding the Behavioral Interview
27 Mock Interview With Role Playing
28 Exam/Assessment

WEEK 29-36

Focus on

29 Job Acquisition Overview and Application
30 Time Management – Managing Your Time
31 Basic Budgeting Principles
32 Basic Entrepreneurship
33 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs
34 Basic Components of a Business Plan
35 Insights for Success – Innovation, Concepts, Execution and Solutions
36 Exam/Assessment

Our development tools include the following:

  • Online E-Learning
  • Individual Sessions
  • Personalized Profiles
  • Informative Videos
  • Interactive PDF’S
  • Personal Online Note Taking Ability
  • Exams Within Each Session
  • Course Certification
  • Success Coaching Facilitator Guides
  • We also offer training for facilitators

The benefits for your school include:

  • Save time, money and resources in building curriculum
  • Offers turn-key online modules that are easy to implement
  • Our modules match all the requirements and activities for each grade level
  • We are local, support our communities and want to equip our students to stay in our area and be productive wealth-generating citizens
  • We provide video and in-school training for counselors and facilitators
  • Minimal cost per student as we identify local grant funding sources (Job Partnerships) and we provide help in writing your grant application to secure funding

Greenville Junior High School, a Blue-Ribbon School, in Greenville, PA, piloted our program in 2018 with great results as noted below.

The school decided to switch from their current career program and offer the personalized program from the Focus Life Institute.  The following results were achieved based on the Guidance Counselor’s outcomes.

  • The personalized DISC Focus Profile helped students in developing people skills by understanding themselves and the motivations of others.
  • The DISC Focus Profile results for each student was matched with careers in the 16 career clusters providing a better match than previous career profiles.
  • Finding Life’s Direction materials were easy to comprehend while the students had fun understanding their behavioral differences.
  • Each student created a vision statement of where they were going in life as well as set personal, professional and career goals.

The online Finding Life’s Direction Development tool was easy to navigate, provided a section to capture personal notes and provided a summary Career Portfolio

Letter From Greenville High School

Summit Academies have utilized our full year curriculum both in school and virtual learning to help students. Here are some of the teacher’s responses to the course.

I am truly excited about doing this with our kids!!! It will be fun, and I love that it’s gets them interacting with each other! The biggest thing for me is for our kids to actually SEE what they are capable of instead of just hearing it. CD

The presentation offers a variety of descriptors and application of DISC personality profiles so different learning styles may understand in many ways. The presentation offers relevant life situations in which the DISC is beneficial. Character, communication, and compassion are essential skills in all relationships even outside work. MG

I learned a lot of new information from the trainings.  I feel that it will better help me to work with my students and for them to understand what type of person they are. I feel the training was done very well.  JP

I believe the material is essential for the next generation to be able to conduct successful adult lives. The material will be useful for lesson plans. AA

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first head of this program, but I am pleasantly surprised.  This is something that helped our students understand themselves and each other, but it also helped us as well in different areas of our lives. AP

Our online Program is the only one of its type available. Please contact us for more information and to discuss how we can help your students.

Our email address is

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