Finding Success By Getting Focused For Work

As an athlete, and an athletic coach for over 40 years, I recognized and constantly stressed that being “focused” was an absolute essential for successful and healthy competition. That admonition to my athletes, students and clients has, over the years, proven to be true time and time again. This truth is absolute in the workplace; If you want to be successful in your chosen assignments, vocation and career, you MUST be Focused for Work.
The Focused for Work educational module starts out what is probably the biggest factor in the work arena today—learning those people skills that bring the greatest rewards of success. Employers today state over and over again that their “greatest need is to have someone in their employ who can lead on the company team and influence the people in the market their business serves.”
Focused for Work with assist you in preparing for your company interview so that you can actually “get in sync” with your interviewer. So many employment opportunities are lost because the candidate is unable to convince and display their insights, skills and experiences in a balanced and agreeable way that assures the interviewer that there is a genuine quality that will benefit and bring company success.
Focused for Work will help you identify the behavioral motivations of those in the workforce and in the marketplace so that you can create the relational environments that succeed. Using the various relationship techniques that Focused for Work teaches, you will then be able to create team and individual environments that bring about success inside and outside of the company. You will have the ability to “blend” your personal
behavior in response to changes in the workplace as well as uncover your value and significance to your fellow workers and clients.
Focused for Work will cultivate leadership skills, soft skills (like communication, collaboration, conflict resolution, confidence, creativity, character) and the critical thinking skills (reasoned judgments that are logical and well-thought out that help to gain insight in how to make better quality decisions and solve problems in the workplace.
The Focused for Work training module will help you major in the most important qualities being sought in the marketplace today. Success is primarily being able to focus on the situation at hand and the competition is steep. Without a doubt, “your focus determines your future.” I’m convinced that Focused for Work is one of the most important modules
in preparing you for the workplace.

Jim Sanderbeck
Director of Education – Focus Life Institute

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