Finding Success With A Focus Lifestyle

I have been able to accomplish a lot of things in my life—both professionally and personally. I grew up and I spent most of my professional life in a culture that was much different than what we experience now. My generation moved at a slower pace, had specific life expectations, was willing to work through the process of advancement and maturity, was employed by three or less employers (most times only one) and planned for the future by weighing and applying long-term principles of finance. Today’s generation moves at a very rapid pace, seeks satisfaction on the short-term and is bombarded by multiple interruptions from work, cell phone, internet and demands of family and life. Literally, the attention span of this generation is now under 8 seconds. It is a very different world and a world filled with distractions. Today, more than at any other time, learning how to focus to maximize the opportunities for success is important—for life and for career. It is a proven fact: The better your focus the better your performance and the better your success. FLI calls it developing “the abilitiy to focusize.” The Focus Life Institute learning module Focus Lifestyle contains personal discovery of such things as The Power of Focus, Identifying and Overcoming Distractions, creating a Focused Environment, how to increase your Focused Effort, cultivating Focused Energy, developing the skills necessary for Focused Execution and performing with Focused Excellence. This very practical course experience will lead you step-by-step to a Focus Lifestyle through the use of videos, journaling, personal profiles, practical examples and other online tools. This module will take you above the level of peers who have not had the instructions of how focus can change your life. A Focus Lifestyle will set you apart, set you above mediocrity, and set you on to the road of success. If you are looking for a process that leads to personal fulfillment that leaves a legacy, you need to adopt a Focus Lifestyle.

Jim Sanderbeck
Director of Education – Focus Life Institute

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