Focus On Interviewing For Success


Based on current statistics, you will have between 9 and 13 job changes in the course of your lifetime. Four of those jobs have not yet been created. In order to prepare for these times of transition, it is helpful to know how to interview successfully.


The Focus On Interviewing Success reviews how to interview successfully. Many individuals do not get in sync with the interviewer and have lost the opportunity to secure employment possibility in their dream job. We can help since this development tool provides information on the behavioral interview, how to get in sync with the interviewer and how to develop the STAR interviewing application that gives you the edge in the interviewing process.

S – Situation: identify the situation you have experienced.
T – Tactics: relate the tactics that you incorporated in the situation.
A – Actions: provide the action steps of the situation.
R – Results: provide the results of the experience.

 In addition, this development tool will help you identify the six parts of an interview and will provide you with valuable information about the total interview process.


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