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This is our introductory tool to help prepare participants to apply practical tools that will prepare them for their future and achieving their personal assignment by creating a lifestyle of focus! The course covers The Power of Focus, Identifying and Overcoming Distractions, Focused Environment, Focused Effort, Focused Energy, Focused Execution and Focused Excellence. This course also includes The faith-based Focused Fulfilled Life Book and Workbook.

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The contents of this development tool can help all ages—especially Millennial (ages 13-35)—who are on the brink of becoming the greatest generation in history. Many articles have been written that in their lifetime, this generation will never achieve what their parents have achieved. I refuse to believe that! The information I am about to share with you will provide specific tools and practical application to create a lifestyle of focus.

The following are considered at the top of the list for Millennial to achieve in their lifetime:

a. Work/Life Balance: A prioritization between your ambition and career to your personal time which includes family, health and wellness, spiritual growth, leisure, and pleasure.

b. Significance: The ability to utilize your talents both personally and professionally in a way that creates a lasting and significant impact.

c. Personal Development: A process to systematically and intentionally develop your skills, explore your creativity, and create personal strategies to achieve what is important to you.

Along with Focused Vision Focused Insights, this development tool has been created to bring clarity, guidance, and a complete understanding of your personal abilities, strengths, and value. It is going to bring you hope and help you carve out a path in the direction you desire your life to go.





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