HEROES Leadership Principles



Coming in 2018 – HEROES Leadership Principles

  1. The HEROES Leadership Principles e-Course helps students identify what specific leadership virtue principles they need to improve on to be effective in the workplace. Included are practical applications for each leadership virtue principles and personal stories with related results. Applying these leadership virtue principles will produce favor with their managers and peers, increase in opportunities for their advancement and influence to those within their personal and professional life. The acronym of the 6 virtues include: Honor, Excellence, Responsibility, Order, Expectation, and Servanthood. The e-course includes a personalized behavioral profile that identifies your leadership motivations and provides solutions to help you become a better leader. In addition, the e-course provides a HEROES profile that identifies specific virtues that you can begin to improve in that will positively affect your personal and professional life.
  2. The HEROES Leadership Principles is comprised of six key leadership virtues all but lost in our society. Many people are searching how to see greater levels of success in their personal and professional lives. Imagine the favor, increase and influence that would come to you if you began to incorporate these six powerful leadership principles in your own life. Ed Turose describes these principles and provides application steps to equip you to put these principles into practice. The HEROES Leadership Principles will take you to a higher realm of living and provide you with an advantage in all areas of your life. You will gain the edge and start leveraging your advantage as you create a more positive environment around you and attract the right people and opportunities into your sphere of influence. The end results of incorporating these leadership principles will produce favor, esteem, increase and influence in your life.
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