Focus On Education

Our cause is to train up this generation to identify their personal assignment, fulfill their God-given destiny and positively influence society! Our development tools were created to educate, enlighten, equip, energize and empower this generation to help individuals to overcome personal distractions, create a lifestyle of focus, and climb their mountain of success to reach their personal and professional goals in life.


Homeschool – this Focus Development Tools can be implemented into a homeschool curriculum with the parent or guardian being the facilitator. Each course can be applied within a selected time frame of days or weeks depending on your schooling needs.  View our homeschool bundle and get your student FOCUSED.  Homeschool Bundle

 To create a specialized program for any of the below categories, please fill out the form to the right and one of our Focus File Institute representatives will contact you to discuss the options available.

High School – our strategic developments tools can be applied as part of the current curriculum or added into a career counseling, e-learning or after school program. Our materials can be applied from a Freshmen to Senior level preparing them for their future.

Colleges and Universities – the best way to utilize the development tools is through an e-learning program for credits. Each course can be focused on a specific semester that can be applied in the four years of a student’s education preparing them with skill sets to enter the workforce.

Churches – selected courses can help individuals to be equiped, train and advance individuals in their personal destiny as well as how they fit into the vision of the local church. Our materials can also be applied in a small group setting.

Organizations, Businesses and Small Groups – each course can be directed into helping individuals within each of these three areas for preparing for their future and equipping them for success.

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