How Finding Life’s Direction Can Help You To Be Successful

Since 1966, I have been in some way professionally involved with assisting and guiding people in a way toward their career and life path. For decades, high school graduates have felt unprepared for career selection and achieving their life dreams. Colleges have said that incoming students were not adequately prepared for college life and challenges. Marketplace leaders have said that post-secondary graduates are not ready for the challenges of business or professional work assignments. Finding Life’s Direction has been designed specifically to help conquer those scenarios and overcome their barriers. The journey starts with learning about yourself. Determining what motivates you to be you and then applying that information as you relate to the people in the world around you. This alone will literally change your life for the better. Nothing in life is more important that relating successfully with people around you. Finding Life’s Direction will not only prepare you for that starting line but it will help you create relationship environments that assist you in the success of others and your mutually assigned responsibilities. Finding Life’s Direction will actually assist you in writing a vision statement for your future. Once you know where you are going, you will then identify those “passion points” that motivate you to WANT to succeed. As your passions unfold, you will be able to identify those rewarding experiences you want to pursue and place you in the proper place for success to reign. Finding Life’s Direction will not only guide you in the right direction for a career but also help you to fit that career and other life components into a successful life plan. Finding Life’s Direction will assist you in finding personal purpose, identifying those possibilities that line up with you dreams for life and how to live life at peak performance in vocation, career, and life. Believe me, after all of these years that I have dealt with human desires, longings and the building of successful lives, Finding Life’s Direction is not only ready to help you find personal success but it can change the whole dynamic of being or not being prepared for the next level of life’s experiences.

Jim Sanderbeck
Director of Education – Focus Life Institute

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