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Kingdom Focus Life are faith-based resources providing you with wisdom and knowledge to focus on achieving your personal assignment and destiny. In order to see fulfillment in your life, there must be growth through spiritual maturity based on revelation of your identity, calling, purpose, and life’s assignment. We believe that our Kingdom Focus Life Resources will provide for you the revelation knowledge you will need to mature and fully enter into your personal destiny.

Focused Fulfilled Life Book and Workbook

What would life be like if you could stay focused on a goal or objective and see greater results? People are consumed by an obsession to produce. This causes stress, anxiety, pressure and oppression. God’s plan allows for a natural rhythm of work and rest that is overflowing with faith and hope, free from stress, filled with provision and designed for victory. In this book, The Focus Fulfilled Life, Ed shows you how to create a process for a lifestyle of focus by using the Word of God and activating your faith. A life of focus will produce a harvest of greater results. Experience the power of The Focus Fulfilled Life as you stand in faith and see a manifestation of the promises of God.


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The HEROES Principles

The HEROES Principles are powerful tools that when applied can take you to a higher realm of living. As these principles are incorporated into people’s lives, they will begin to see their favor increase. This is because these principles develop a person’s character into someone that others look to for leadership. From a Biblical viewpoint, Ed provides application into your personal and professional life based on the HEROES Principles - The acronym of the 6 virtues include: Honor, Excellence, Responsibility, Order, Expectation, and Servanthood.

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Applying Virtues That Produce Favor

Seven Mountain Vocational Influence Course

What culture sphere are you called to influence? There are seven spheres of influence that determine culture – business, education, government, family, religion, media, arts and entertainment. This course provides you with an online profile to determine your spheres of influence and then provides direction of how to get equipped to fulfill your calling. Please click here for the course.

Social Influence a

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Kingdom Career and Workplace Success

For those who would like to take my 32-week Kingdom Career and Workplace online course that is currently being used worldwide through the International School of Ministry

Career and Workplace Success FB

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Faith-Based Online Course

K-12 Online Career Ready and Workplace Preparation Curriculum

This all-inclusive K-12 online courses are designed into 4 grade levels: K-3, 4-5th, 6-8th and 9-12th. Each session focuses on preparing students for their future focusing on Social-Emotional Learning Support, Career Readiness, and Transition to Work/School. We offer consortium pricing for all schools.

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Faith-Based Online Course

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