Parents & Teachers: Take Your Students’ Career Paths to New Heights!

Most all of us have been to one – table after endless table in a room full of echoes and fluorescent lights. We see people we don’t know with an eager look on their faces like a foreign man selling rugs at market in a land that is strange to us, but where we know we are headed. It’s the yearly CAREER FAIR! Teenagers must feel unique emotions as they shuffle along through the market of careers with slogans and names from an unknown world. What if we could enhance this experience (and more) as they go out into the world beyond their diploma? Focus Life Institute has the tools to help your child/student succeed in their paths of career and self-discovery in the workplace.

First, the tools Focus Life Institute provides will give students the ability to pinpoint where they should begin their investigation to a successful future by matching their behavior to the careers best suited for them. Our behavioral profile is uniquely lined up with all the National Career Clusters. In a one page print out, the student can zero in on the careers that line up with their behavioral results. This will propel them into new territory to specifically explore the fields of work to find the hand in the glove fit for them! Imagine walking into a career fair with FOCUS, an intention to talk with the representatives in careers that go along with your specific strengths. That’s exactly what you get with our Focus Life Institute course: How To Find Life’s Direction.

Many career programs are based on interest and values. While those elements do matter in career selection, they do not provide a comprehensive, accurate result. In fact, beginning with a behavioral profile is the best starting point, because the more you know about yourself, the better decisions you can make. Reaffirming the attributes, strengths, and tendencies of the behavior of a person will better help them decide what truly interests them. It will give clarity to the values they uphold, and lead them to succeed with research, goal setting, and decision making in their journey.

Schools have great responsibilities each day, but many times the essential point of career preparation is lacking from many programs that are utilized in current schools. The resources are limited, and these materials haven’t come from credible sources. Our program has been developed by our C.E.O. Dr. Ed Turose, who spent 37 years in Fortune 500 companies such as UniLever and The Coca Cola Company. He used these very tools in the workplace at an adult level with excellent results. Now, he and the team have expanded these great principles to the classroom for students K-12. With the background stemming from the world of business, the Focus Life Institute team has blended business and education together for a unique product that will transform career curriculum entirely!

Parents and teachers will be able to empower their children/students with the outcomes of this course. Everything is online and the students can progress at their own pace at home, or in a classroom setting with a facilitator guiding them through the process. The popular question, “What am I going to do with my life?” is answered with the results of Finding Life’s Direction. These students are now ready to embark on their amazing journey with purpose, intention and success! Check out How to Find Life’s Direction on our website and contact us for more information at

~ Theresa Burnworth, Focus Life Institute Curriculum Director

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