Career and Workplace Success


We live in an age of distraction. People are distracted and unfocused. Many do not have a vision or purpose in their life. The Career and Workplace Success is a module offers 32 video sessions, 32 corresponding written lessons, Group discussion exercises and self-study subjects for each session, 5 comprehensive profile questionnaires, 2 free e-books and exams.

This course can be utilized at a college or university, a ministry, church or for personal development. This practical module was designed to help you develop personal focus, reduce distractions, stir and cultivate motivation for career and workplace readiness, and bring rewarding success and fulfilled purpose. The module will equip you to:

. Learn how to focus on your future
. Gain an understanding of People Skills
. Identify your passion and the cultural mountains you are called to influence
. Write a vision statement and set goals
. Create a focused lifestyle
. Be equipped with essential soft skills
. Implement Kingdom Values in the workplace-Honor, Excellence Servanthood
. Apply the principles for success

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