CRWP – Grade 9th – 12th

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This development tool was designed for high school students to help them through a process to make quality decisions about their future education, career path and to be prepared for the workplace. The Career Ready and Workplace Preparation course provides an online personalized experience for high school students that provides training in social-emotional learning support, career readiness, and transition to work or post-secondary education.


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According to a YouthTruth Student Survey:

  • 55% of students do not feel positively about their college and career readiness
  • 87% of students surveyed said they want to go to college, while only 2.8% do not, and 10% percent aren’t sure
  • 71% percent of students said they expect to go to a two- or four-year college. students, only

The current career statistics reflect an ongoing concern about career readiness.

  • An estimated 20 to 50 percent of students enter a post-secondary education experience without declaring a major course of study. Source: Gordon
  • Over 80% of students change their major course of study at least 1 to 3 times with an average cost of over $10,000 per change leading to additional debt of the college investment. Source: National Center of Education Statistics
  • Over 30% of students drop out of college within the first two years. The United States has lowest college completion rate in the developed world. Source: National Student Clearinghouse and the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development
  • Over 50% of students are not working a job or career in their major course of study. This is a waste of time and money if you not working in a job or career based on your time and financial investment. Source: CareerBuilder

The Focus Life Institute team with their combined education and Fortune 500 management expertise have developed an online, practical, and personalized course that has been administered in schools, colleges and businesses.

The purpose of the online Focus Life Institute is to empower, equip and prepare students in the following areas for grades 9-12:

Career and Workplace Preparation Course Grades 9-12

WEEK Lessons
1 Personality – Identifying Your Behavioral Style and the Motivations of Others
2 Behavioral Flexibility and Adaptability – Blending and Connecting With Others
3 Behavioral Leadership and Occupational Characteristics
4 Identifying DISC and General Occupations
5 Matching Behavior With Occupations in the 16 Career Clusters
6 How to Gain Workplace Preparation
7 Identifying Your Passion Areas
8 Creating a Personal Vision for Your Life
9 Exam/Assessment
10 Peak Performance Setting Goals – Educational, Career and Personal Goals
11 Introduction to Soft Skills – What Employers Are Requiring
12 Communication – Improving Interaction With Others
13 Collaboration – Working Better in Teams
14 Conflict Resolution – How to Reduce and Overcome Conflict
15 Confidence – Building Self Esteem
16 Creativity – Identifying Your Creative Abilities
17 Character – Protecting Your Future
18 Exam/Assessment
19 Critical Thinking Skills Problem Solving – Learn How to Solve Problems
20 Critical Thinking Skills Decision-Making – Discover How to Make Quality Decisions
21 HEROES Character Development, Profile and e-book
22 Operating in Honor and Excellence
23 Understanding Responsibility and Order
24 Living in Expectation and Servanthood
25 How to Interview Overview
26 Understanding the Behavioral Interview
27 Mock Interview With Role Playing
28 Exam/Assessment
29 Job Acquisition Overview and Application
30 Time Management – Managing Your Time
31 Basic Budgeting Principles
32 Basic Entrepreneurship
33 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs
34 Basic Components of a Business Plan
35 Insights for Success – Innovation, Concepts, Execution and Solutions
36 Exam/Assessment

Let’s begin our journey by getting you career-ready and workplace-prepared for your future. And remember, your focus determines your future!

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