CRWP – Chapter 339 – Grade 6th – 8th


Introduction Chapter 339 – 6th through 8th Grade

This development tool was designed for students to help them through a process to make quality decisions about their future education, career path and to be prepared for the workplace.

The Chapter 339 Module for Grades 6-8th provides an online personalized experience for Middle School students that meets the Pennsylvania state requirements including providing training on key topics, activities and artifacts of the mandatory program.
Each student will be equipped in the four focus areas of career awareness/preparation, career acquisition, career retention/advancement and entrepreneurship. Each student will have ability for online note taking as well as creating a summary portfolio that will meet the requirements of Chapter 339.

The current career statistics reflect an ongoing concern about career readiness.

  •  An estimated 20 to 50 percent of students enter a post-secondary education experience without declaring a major course of study. Source: Gordon
  • Over 80% of students change their major course of study at least 1 to 3 times with an average cost of over $10,000 per change leading to additional debt of the college investment. Source: National Center of Education Statistics
  • Over 30% of students drop out of college within the first two years. The United States has lowest college completion rate in the developed world. Source: National Student Clearinghouse and the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development
  • Over 50% of students are not working a job or career in their major course of study. This is a waste of time and money if you not working in a job or career based on your time and financial investment. Source: CareerBuilder

The Focus Life Institute team with their combined education and Fortune 500 management expertise have developed an online practical, personalized course that has been administered in schools, colleges and businesses.

The purpose of the online Focus Life Institute is to empower, equip and prepare students in the following areas:

  • Identify your personalized behavioral style while gaining an understanding of self and others.
  • Craft a career path by matching your personal behavioral style to jobs in the 16 National Career Clusters.
  • Discover and research specific jobs that relate to your behavior and interests.
  • Identify passion areas and extracurricular activities that can help you in your future.
  • Set career, educational, and personal goals to help you stay focused on your future.
  • Provide training in skill development in time management, budgeting, and essential soft skills that employers are demanding.
  • Pinpoint values that can help you advance in the workplace such as The HEROES Effect. The acronym for HEROES is H – Honor, E – Excellence, R – Responsibility, O – Order, E – Expectation and S – Servanthood.
  • Create a career portfolio based on Chapter 339, that will combine your profiles, activities, and “I” statements in one document that can be utilized as you apply for post-secondary education or training.
    Let’s begin our journey by getting you career ready and workplace prepared for your future. And remember, your focus determines your future!


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