How To Acquire Skills For Life


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According to LinkedIn’s “Workplace Learning Report,” soft skills are the No. 1 priority for talent development. Further, a LinkedIn study found that hiring managers indicated their company’s productivity was limited due to a lack of candidates’ soft skills. “The No. 1 problem with today’s young workforce is the soft skills gap,” “It runs across the entire workforce – among workers with technical skills that are in great demand, every bit as much as workers without technical skills.” Soft skills are key to individuals’ success in the workplace and are a competitive differentiator in the marketplace. “They’re the source of a huge amount of power that is always right there hiding in plain sight – a tremendous reservoir of often untapped value – a secret weapon for any smart organization, team, leader or individual performer,” Bruce Tulgan

The How To Acquire skills For Life course was developed to provide solutions for individuals to be prepared for the workplace. In this course I want to provide for you my personal experience as a manager and trainer for UniLever (10 years) and The Coca-Cola Company for over 27 years. I was able to equip and train multiple regions in both people skills and essential soft skills based on the DISC personalized behavioral profile. What I heard from many of my colleagues before I trained them was that most behavioral analysis they took in the past told me “who” I was but not “what” to do with it in the workplace.

This course offers the following:

People Skills: You will gain an understanding of self and how to identify the behavioral style of others. This course will provide you with the cognitive flexibility to adapt your personal behavior in response to changes in the workplace environment.

Soft Skills: In this lesson, we will utilize your personal behavioral style and provide you with solutions in the following 6 core competencies: communication, collaboration, conflict resolution, confidence, creativity and character.

Behavioral Interview and DISC – In this session we will review the behavioral interview and how to use your personality style to get in sync with the interviewer. This information will help you in the interviewing process and provide you the tools to secure your desired job.

Critical Thinking Skills are defined as making reasoned judgments that are logical and well-thought out. In this lesson, you will gain insight in how to make better quality decision and solve problems in the workplace.

Summary Recap: The course comes with an interactive PDF to capture all your results preparing a personalized recap of all your information regarding Focused for Work. These skills that you will learn in this course will provide you with competence in organizational and relational effectiveness in the workplace.

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