Professional Development

Professional Development

Focus Life Institute is an on-line, educational, strategic training curriculum that is focused on equipping young professionals or individuals wanting to advance their professional growth and development to advance and get promoted in the workplace.

Professional development refers to continuing education and career training after a person has entered the workforce in order to help them develop new skills, stay up-to-date on current trends, and advance their career.

Our F.A.S.T. Track (Focused Advanced Skills Training) for Professional Development covers activities that:

  • include essential soft skills training
  • equip in people skills – personal and behavioral development training
  • help you overcome workplace distractions
  • identify your values and leadership potential
  • create customer focused sales strategies

Each of our modules take between 6 – 10 hours of your time to complete. You have the option of how to control your time and effort into each session of the specific development tool.

Ed Turose, a manager and trainer for 27 years with The Coca-Cola Company, utilized these courses within multiple divisions and regions in the Coca-Cola Company, Acosta Sales and Marketing, and multiple other companies and organizations within their training programs. What sets our F.A.S.T. Track courses apart from other check in the box yearly training courses is our four part process listed as follows:

  • Assumptions – Identify the current assumption within the organization or team
  • Assessment – utilize our assessments to identify opportunities and professional development
  • Application – how to apply the training into their personal life or team
  • Accountability – how to hold each employee accountable with an IPO (Individual Performance Objective) or 360 performance review

Here is what some of the individuals had to say about the training courses:

  • Ed did a great job leading the people and soft skills training for my team. We came away with a tighter bond and real tools that we could use to help each other achieve higher levels of performance. It ranks among the best trainings that I have had in my 20-year career in Fortune 100 companies. K.C. National Account Executive, The Coca-Cola Company
  • The training program helped me in both my personal and profession life. It helped me gain an understanding of myself, others and my family members. In my professional life, I have utilized this information in understanding my team members better by knowing what individuals work better in preparing, researching and customizing presentations to our customers. I can position people into projects based on their behavioral strengths knowing that the job will get done on time meeting my expectations. B.L., Vice President, The Coca-Cola Company   
  • As a manager with the largest food broker in the world, I have to manage multiple team members including key account executives, retail sales teams and administrators. This training provided the tools I needed to manage all three groups to increase productivity and bring forth greater results. J.B., Vice President, Acosta Sales and Marketing
  • I was being trained to move up in the organization and the training that Ed Turose provided helped me see myself in a different light based on my strengths and value to the organization. Once I knew these strengths, I applied this information into my business and was quickly promoted. Within six months, I took another position with another company increasing my salary by 25%! J.D. Division Sales Manager at Reynolds Consumer Products 
  • As an administrator, this information helped me understand the different behavioral styles of my peers but also my managers. Once all of us realized the differences, we made an effort to blend our styles, utilize our strengths together to meet the objectives and deadlines that would product results the team was expecting. M.T. Administrator at Greenwood Group
  • I would say that the biggest benefits for me in this assessment was: 1. To help me learn how to tailor my style to those of different DISC types! 2. To learn how to more effectively understand and manage a team full of different DISC types. J. M. National Account Executive  

Listed below is our FOCUSED Progression for Professional Development:

Find Out More About Our Professional Development Courses ...

Essential Soft Skills


Equip[ping in 6 Essential Soft Skills of Communication, Collaboration, Conflict Resolution, Confidence, Creativity and Character

Overcoming Workplace Distractions


The Power of Focus, Create a Lifestyle of Focus, Identify and Overcome Distractions, Create a Focused Environment, Focus Your Effort and Energy Into Greater Results

Personal & Behavioral Development


The DISC Focus Profile, Understanding of Self and the Motivations of Others, a Personalized Report of General Characteristics, Inspiring Traits, Value to the Organization, and Ideal Environment

HEROES Leadership


Gain Leverage in the Workplace Applying these 6 Core Virtues That Will Provide Fulfillment and Success. The acronym for Heroes is H for Honor, E for Excellence, R for Responsibility, O for Order, E for Expectation and S for Servanthood

Starting Your Own Business


The business keys to succeed pdf document, helping you create your business plan to start your new business

Customer Focused Sales Strategies


Selling Face-to-Face, Virtual, Written and Email Selling. Includes the PAIDINC Process of P – Prospects, A – Acclimate, I – Interest, D – Demonstrate, I – Integrity Verification, N – Negotiate, C – Close

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