Pre-Release Recovery & Reentry

The Focus Life Institute has a passion to help individuals overcome personal setbacks by gaining the skills needed to be effective in the workplace and successfully move their life forward. We provide the tools they need for re-entry into society to secure and maintain gainful employment to fulfill their destiny in life!

We offer multiple individual courses or a 40-hour course on all four modules to help individuals and offer a personalized program based on their behavioral style.

Our first courseFinding Life’s Direction Reentry course will provide you with a process to get focused on your career path to be prepared for your future. The course offers the following areas of focus.

  • Create a vision statement and identity passion areas
  • Understand your personal PERSONALITY style and the differences in others
  • Find your PLACEMENT in vocational spheres to impact and influence society
  • Craft a career PATH matching your personality with jobs
  • Understand your PURPOSE why you exist and uncover your POSSIBILITIES in
  • Establish your focus on PEAK PERFORMANCE by setting objectives and goals
  • Learn how to be a SERVANT to others

Our second course is Skills for Success Reentry course providing the top 10 essential soft skills required by employers in today’s workplace environment.

This course offers the following:

  • People Skills: You will gain an understanding of self and how to identify the behavioral style of others to be flexible in the workplace.
  • Soft Skills: Discover the 6 core competencies: communication, collaboration, conflict resolution, confidence, creativity and character.
  • Critical Thinking Skills by gaining insight in how to make better quality decision and solve problems in the workplace.
  • Behavioral Interview and DISC – secure your desired job.

Our third course, HEROES Effect Reentry course will help reentrants identify their specific virtues they can develop to be successful in their personal and professional life. The course focuses on six principles underlining values and character development—H for honor, E for excellence, R for responsibility, O for order, E for expectation, and S for servanthood. These characteristics are proven to produce favor and increase their opportunities for influence and advancement. This course comes with the companion eBook, HEROES EFFECT, and successful course completion grants a certificate.

Our fourth course, is Entrepreneurship Reentry focusing on entrepreneurship, identifying characteristics, innovation, concepts, execution, solution and writing complete business plan.

Our courses can be administered in a classroom workbook setting or our online e-course which includes personalized profiles, videos, PDF’s, note-taking ability, exams, facilitator guides and a course certificate.

Here Are Our Personalized Reentry Course Modules

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