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Focus Life Institute is an on-line, educational, strategic training curriculum that is focused on equipping this generation to help them identify their life’s assignment, fulfill their destiny and gain access into a cultural sphere to become a positive change agent in society.  The earlier we can get students focused in life the greater levels of success they will be able to achieve. Our Focus Strategic Development tools have been successful in helping students get focused in this age of distractions. Our development tools were created to educate, enlighten, equip, energize and empower this generation to help individuals to overcome personal distractions, create a lifestyle of focus, and achieve their destiny in life.

An estimated 20 to 50 percent of students enter college as “undecided” and studies indicate that at least 80 percent of students in the United States end up changing their major at least once, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. On average, college students change their major at least three times over the course of their college career.

A new survey from CareerBuilder suggests that plenty of Americans never work in the field that they prepared for in college. Among the 2,134 workers surveyed, 47 percent of college graduates did not find a first job that was related to their college major. What’s more, 32 percent of college grads said that they had never worked in a field related to their majors.

Among public institutions, an average of 64.2 percent of full-time, first-time students who started school in fall 2013 returned in fall 2014, according to a report from ACT (America College Testing), which manages the standardized test by the same name. The average rate is slightly higher at private colleges and universities: 70.2 percent. Jan 5, 2016.

However, we believe that students who are focused and understand how to reduce distractions, can create a personal vision statement, and match their behavior with careers in the 16 National Career Clusters will increase their ability to fulfill their personal and professional goals and objectives.

Our development tools include practical instruments and teaching materials are designed to produce participant movement towards attainable goals. In addition, we offer individualized resource tools providing specific feedback and immediately usable outcomes which are motivational and strategically applicable to the student’s life circumstances. We have developed specific curriculum programs to help students be prepared for post-secondary training, college, and the workplace.

Our development tools can be customized in a semester long program throughout the entire year.

Example: Sophomore – Senior Three Year Program

Example: Sophomore – Senior Three Year Program

Focus Development ToolSophomore YearJunior YearSenior Year
Focus on Personal Identity
Focus Lifestyle
Focus Vision
Focus on Social Influence
Focus on Career Planning
Focus Insights – Soft Skills
HEROES – Virtues
Focus on Interviewing

For Homeschooled students, each of our development tools can be implemented according to the desired timing of students’ educational progression.

Sophomore Programs

Focus on Personal Identity: This module will provide a detailed analysis of an individual’s ability to understand what influences their behaviors via a Focus Behavioral Profile. It includes a personal graph of their top styles, a complete understanding of the DISC behavioral styles and how to blend with others to improve communication and collaboration as they enter the post-secondary environment.

Focused Lifestyle: This module provides personal insight and awareness of how to create a lifestyle of focus to overcome distractions. Included are solutions to stay focused on personal goals and objectives. Topics include The Power of Focus, Identifying/Overcoming Distractions, Creating a Focused Environment, Directive Effort and Energy To Achieve Goals, Focused Execution, and Focus on Excellence.

Junior Programs

Focused Vision: This course helps individuals prepare for their future and find life’s direction. We hlp them create a personal vision statement and then identify six core areas of focus: Passion, Placement, Planning, Purpose, Possibilities and Peak Performance by creating OGSM – Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures.

Focus on Social Influence: Which of the 7 cultural spheres in society are you called to influence – business, arts and entertainment, media, education, government, family or religion? This mini-course offers the following: The 7 Spheres of Social Influence Strategy, 7 Spheres Definitions, 7 Spheres of Social Influence Profile, 7 Spheres Graph of Top Spheres, How to Experience Your Mountain, Biographies of 7 Sphere Change-Agents in Each Sphere and a Review of the Top 24 Important Trends in the Past 25 Years.

Focus on Career Planning: Almost 80% of students change their major course of study at least once. The added cost of one extra semester is a 10% premium or close to $10,000 according to MoneySmarts (Beyond Tuition Costs – The Cost of Changing Majors) This module offers solutions and includes a Personal analyst of a student’s Focus Behavioral Style, Description of 16 National Career Clusters including Tech Prep. We match a student’s focus style with specific occupations that help them get focused, save time and money in their career choice. In addition, we offer solutions for gaining real world experience

Senior Programs

The Workplace Senior Preparation Program was created to help PREPARE students for the workplace by developing in them the competencies that employer’s desire. Ed Turose, a Manager and Trainer for over 27 years with The Coca-Cola Company, offers his expertise in helping students develop and improve soft skill such as communication, collaboration, conflict resolution, confidence creativity, and character. We will equip students in the virtues needed to succeed in the workplace such as honor, excellence, responsibility. Order, expectation and servanthood. And finally how to interview successfully by providing instruction and training in behavioral interviewing techniques that will help secure their desired job.

Focus Insights: Focused Insights will help students gain an understanding of their personal behavioral strengths, value to the organization, and then apply this information into improving soft skills needed in today’s workplace environment. This training focuses on 6 key soft skills – Communication, Collaboration, Conflict Resolution, Confidence, Creativity and Character.

Focus on The Heroes Effect: The HEROES Effect helps students identify what specific virtues they need to improve on to be effective in the workplace. Applying these virtues will produce favor, increase and influence in their personal and professional life. The virtues include: Honor, Excellence, Responsibility, Order, Expectation, and Servanthood.

Focus on Interviewing For Success: The Focus On Interviewing Success reviews how to interview successfully. This development tool provides information to help you secure the job you desire. It includes training on the behavioral interview, STAR (Situation, Tactics, Actions, Results) interviewing techniques and how to get in sync with the interviewer.

Each of our modules include the following:

  • On-Line E-Learning
  • Individual Sessions
  • Informative Videos
  • PDF’S and Personal Note Taking Ability
  • Exams Within Each Session
  • Success Coaching Facilitator Guides
  • Course Certification

We also offer training for facilitators, teachers, aids, faculty, parents or guardians.

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Group and Educational Discounts – Colleges, Universities, High Schools, Home School Groups and Organizations.
We offer the following price package programs for colleges, universities, high school, homeschool or large organizations based on your personal needs.

  • We offer a 1-year license fee contract.
  • Includes entire school year (start of school year to end of school year).
  • Unlimited use of all 8 strategic on-line development tools for 1 year.
  • Includes training videos and facilitator guides.
  • Cost is a $10,000 license fee for unlimited use of all 8 tools for the entire school year.
  • The on-line tools and training services would end after the school year and will be renewed for the next school year.
  • Please contact us to review the license fee cost and group discounts that will fit your need.

For more information and details how to implement our tools. Please contact us by filling out the form below and we will provide specific details to help your school in improving retention or preparing students for the workplace.

Your Focus Determines Your Future!

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