Skills for Success -Lesson 3 – Questions

The Skills for Success Course has provided you with the following outcomes that you can begin to incorporate into your workplace.

  • Completed a personalized DISC Behavioral self-assessment and discovered your personal characteristics, inspiring traits, value to the team, and ideal environment.
  • Gained an understanding of the different behavioral styles and the motivations of others to communicate more effectively.
  • Recognized your personal growth and development areas and learned how to adapt your personal behavior style in the workplace environment with different styles by blending and getting in sync with others.
  • Discovered how your personality can improve the areas of communication, collaboration and conflict resolution. Identified your behavioral strengths in creativity, confidence and how to protect your character.
  • Gained an understanding of the behavioral interview and how to be prepared with the STAR technique (Situation, Tasks, Action and Results).
  • Identified specific time management values based on each different behavioral style and how to improve and gain a more productive environment. Identify and reduce distractions.
  • Define how to solve problem and make better decisions in the area of critical thinking skills.
  • Utilize your interactive PDF that provides you with the specific areas that you captured that you can improve on or make it one of your IPO’s (Individual Performance Objectives).
    Thank you for participating in our course. Please review our other additional courses that can provide for you the skills to advance within the workplace at
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