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According to LinkedIn’s “Workplace Learning Report,” soft skills are the No. 1 priority for talent development. Further, a LinkedIn study found that hiring managers indicated their company’s productivity was limited due to a lack of candidates’ soft skills.

“The No. 1 problem with today’s young workforce is the soft skills gap,” “It runs across the entire workforce — among workers with technical skills that are in great demand, every bit as much as workers without technical skills.” Soft skills are key to individuals’ success in the workplace and are a competitive differentiator in the marketplace. “They’re the source of a huge amount of power that is always right there hiding in plain sight — a tremendous reservoir of often untapped value — a secret weapon for any smart organization, team, leader or individual performer,” Bruce Tulgan

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You want to MAKE MORE MONEY $$$

You want the skills employers are demanding and the top skills for your specific occupation

You are currently in the workforce and want to advance or get promoted in your career

You want the advantage as you enter the workforce or decide on a new career path

According to research conducted by the Per Research Center, those individuals who are personally motivated to invest in being equipped in soft skills will see the following:


With a minimal investment and little time, you can see an increase in your pay, greater opportunities for advancement or a promotion or make a decision to secure a new job.

Based on the research with top skills experts (LinkedIn, Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Job Network, Monster) listed below are the top soft skills that are in demand for occupations in the 16 career clusters.


Ten Hours of Video and Informative Lessons

A Personalized Focus Behavioral Profile

People Skills (Adaptability/Flexibility)

Decision-making Skill

Problem Solving Skill

Confidence Skill

Play Video

Communication Skill

Collaboration Skill

Conflict Resolution Skill

Creativity Skill

Time Management Skill

Character Skill

BONUS - Behavioral Interviewing Skill


An identification of self and the motivations of others

How to resolve conflict resolution and create a positive environment

How to protect your character in the workplace

How to make better decisions and solve problems

How to connect, blend and get in sync with others

How to improve your confidence and creativity in the workplace

How to manage your time effectively

How to be a better leader

How to improve communication and collaboration between peers

The behavioral interview techniques to secure your desired job

And Much More

Retail Value $199

Research shows that emotional intelligence matters twice as much as IQ or technical skills in job success.  Data has revealed that proved factors such as self-confidence, self-awareness, self-control, commitment and integrity not only create more successful employees but also more successful companies. Source: Working with Emotional Intelligence

Classroom Curriculum

Here is some of the features and material included in our courses

Begin With Your Personalized DISC Focus Behavioral Profile

Gain An Understanding of Self and the Motivations of Others

Get Equipped in 6 Essential Soft Skills Competencies

Learn How to Value Your Time

Identity Your Leadership Capabilities

Discover the Techniques to Secure Your Desired Job

Get Trained in Both – Problem Solving and Decision-making

Enroll Now, Retail Value$199


I feel like the skills that were taught are valuable and apply to the workplace. In school we are mainly taught the X’s and O’s and not taught how to deal with people. I have had a couple of interviews since learning about the people skills training, and I was able to easily identify their personalities. It helped me in the interviewing process, by giving me a feel on what they wanted to know from the interview. Overall, I believe these skills are very essential in the workplace and deal with people daily. D.R.

The information I learned from the training will help me in the near and long-term future. This training has taught me to understand myself and I have realized why I do the things I do and make certain decisions. The essential skills training will help me in all areas of my life because I always need to be able to communicate, collaborate with others and have the confidence within myself. I believe from this course I have gained much needed skills and experience for my future. J.L.

This course taught me specific life skills that we won’t find in our textbooks. Learning how to get in sync and connect with others is so important in all our relationships. This course taught me how to do that. The skills in this course are so beneficial and the real-life experiences made the course fun and enjoyable. J. M.

The skills have helped explain to me why some people’s personalities drive me crazy and others complement my own personality. I knew that every individual has different but now I can help both myself and others have more meaningful productive interactions that will benefit everyone. This is already help me in my career as I understood personality of my soon to-be manager for an internship and I was able to connect with him effectively. I would highly recommend this type of training for everyone, no matter what they plan to do in life. C.K.


Have questions about how the course works? Great. Read on and learn more.

When does the course start and finish? How long is it?

You can begin whenever you like and move through the the module at your own pace. Watching the videos and completing the course exercises will take about 10 hours. 

How do I pay?

You can pay by credit card or PayPal. We do not accept partial payment, so please pay in full at the time of purchase.

How do I access the course?

You can access the course using any laptop, tablet or mobile device with an internet connection strong enough stream the video content. You will register and set up a  password and will access by clicking on My Course Content.

How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you will have 1 full year access to the specific course across all  devices you own. So, take your time.


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