Social Services

“This is the best course and resources I have seen in my 15 years as a Director in the social services industry.”

                                                                                           –Chris Frye, Former Director of LCAP and Current Mayor, New Castle PA

Our practical and personalized materials have been utilized in local social service and counseling services to train and equip individuals in the following areas:

  • Getting individuals focused with a clear vision to get back on a course to provide stability and success
  • Train in the HEROES Effect in the areas of values and character development
  • Identify a person’s gift cluster, skill set and value in securing a career path towards gainful employment
  • Provide specific jobs that match their personality stye for more creativity than stress
  • Set career, educational and personal goals for their future
  • Be equipped in the top 10 essential soft skills employers are requesting to provide advancement in their career
  • Be trained in the critical thinking skills of decision-making, problem solving and time management
  • Help them secure their desired job with the behavioral interview strategies

Discover their entrepreneurial gifting as an entrepreneur   

Here Are Our Personalized Social Services Course Modules

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