Urgent – Soon To Be College Graduates

Research has proven that for the past 20 years employers continue to say that graduates are not prepared in soft skills as they enter the workplace. In this competitive environment to land your desired job you must have these skills that can position you over the competition.

Just recently as I was teaching my college course, I added a segment on People Skills and asked my class if they had ever been taught how to understand the different motivations of people. Not one of my students raised their hand so off to the races I went to help them understand their own behavioral style but also how to recognize, get in sync and blend (be flexible) their behavioral style with others!

For over 27 years as a manager and trainer for The Coca-Cola Company, my co-creator, Jim Sanderbeck and I trained the entire East and Central regions of the Coca-Cola Warehouse team and their food broker on these materials. This training improved communication, collaboration and helped them understand conflict resolution producing greater levels of productivity for each team. Every member of the team shared that this information was one of the most valuable trainings that they experienced both personally and professionally.

We are offering this training as an e-course to help prepare you for the workplace. Our Workplace Development e-Course offers personal insight on creating a lifestyle of focus, includes soft skills training in communication, collaboration, conflict resolution, confidence, creativity and character. In addition, we provide the behavioral interviewing skills and principles that will produce greater levels of achievement and advancement for you within the workplace.

Please visit our website at www.focuslifeinstitute.com 

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