What Is Focus Life Institute?

Focus Life Institute, an educational curriculum resource company, provides online all-inclusive career readiness, workplace preparation, focus and business related e-courses. Based on the teams years of experience, they have put together the following workplace and educational tools that will equip this generation in the skills needed to positively influence society.

1. K-12 Curriculum focused on grades 3,5,8 and 11 with career readiness and workplace preparation.
Greenville Junior High School Career readiness and Workplace Preparation Program results; The personalized DISC Focus Profile helped students in developing people skills by understanding themselves and the motivations of others. The DISC Focus Profile results for each student was matched with careers in the 16 career clusters providing a better match than previous career profiles. The materials were easy to understand and the students had fun sharing their behavioral differences. Each student created a vision statement of where they were going in life as well as set personal, professional and career goals. The online development tool was easy to navigate, provided a section to capture personal notes and provided a summary Career Portfolio. The online training modules provided the resources and examples that helped us facilitate the program with our students.

2. Our Finding Life’s Direction e-course will provide you with a process to get focused on your career path to be prepared for your future. The e-Course is an all-inclusive practical development tool based on your personal behavioral style. Sessions include Vision, Personality, Passion, Placement, Profession, Planning, Purpose, Possibilities and Peak Performance.

3. High school and college students essential skill training in 5 key areas: People Skills, Soft Skills, Interviewing Skills, Critical Thinking Skills, Values and Character Development and Leadership skills.

These skills that we learned were very helpful with understanding people skills and my interviewing process. The skills we learned about allowed me to see what my strengths and weaknesses are. They also allowed me to adapt to the people around me, especially during an interview. The soft skills that we learned about will help me greatly in the future and give me an advantage in the workforce when I interact with coworkers and those in my office. The interviewing skills were also very important. They helped me land an offer for a job after graduation. Thanks for the great, life changing skills that you taught us. C.J.

Thank you so much for investing into my life this semester and teaching us all the important life skills that we won’t find in our textbooks. Learning how to get in sync with others is so important in all our relationships. Thank you so much for teaching us how to do that. The skills you have taught us in this class are so beneficial and I thank you for bringing all your real-life experiences in during the class. J. M.I am adapting this program to my workforce department. Years and Years of searching I’ve never found an easy to use online employment prep curriculum. You guys are on to something! C.F. Social Services.

4. People are distracted and these tools help individuals get focused to lead a more productive life.

I was distracted and unfocused in my life and these tools got me on the right path. B.J.

I was spending so much time on the wrong areas and this course helped me create a focused environment and place my energy and effort into the right areas. C.T.

5. We have lost values in our society but the HEROES Effect provides the character traits of Honor, Excellence, Responsibility, Order, Expectation and Servanthood that results in favor, increase and influence.

I realized that I was just doing what I was told to do in my job and when I began to honor others and do my job with excellence, I got promoted! C.D.

These 6 areas have changed my life since I never through about how honor, excellence and serving others was a big deal – they are a big deal and have helped me in my relationships! D.D.

6. The Focused @ Work module is a training that focused on equipping your employees with the essential and soft skills needed to save you time, money and resources. Ed Turose, former Manager and Trainer for over 27 years with The Coca-Cola Company, has trained multiple regions as well as other large and small companies in 5 key skills that will improve productivity, gain efficiencies and increase profitability for your organization.

Ed did a great job leading the training for my team. We came away with a tighter bond and real tools that we could use to help each other achieve higher levels of performance. It ranks among the best trainings that I have had in my 20-year career in Fortune 100 companies. K.C. National Account Executive, The Coca-Cola Company.

My team members and I were having conflict on many issues, but the training helped us learned a lot about each other’s different behavioral styles. We basically found out what was important to each and how to use that to get our jobs done more effectively while building better relationships and trust. It really made our team meetings much more productive. J.C. Director of Sales, The Coca-Cola Company.

As a manager with the largest food broker in the world, I have to manage multiple team members including key account executives, retail sales teams and administrators. This training provided the tools I needed to manage all three groups to increase productivity and bring forth greater results. J.B., Vice President, Acosta Sales and Marketing.

Our PRACTICAL Development Tools Help Prepare Students To Invade, Impact and Influence Culture and include the following outcomes…


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Providing Personalized and Practical
On-Line Development Resources

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Educational Curriculum
Business Training
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  • Identify Personal Strengths, Inspiring Traits and Value to an Organization, Understand and Appreciate the Behavioral Differences of Others
  • Identify What Sphere a Person Needs To Enter Into
  • Match Behavior with Jobs in the 16 National Career Clusters
  • Provide Direction to Create a Lifestyle of Focus By Identifying and Reducing Distractions, Ways to Create a Focused Environment and Direct Your Energy, Effort and Execution for Results
  • Equipping in Soft Skills Training: Communication, Collaboration, Conflict Resolution, Creativity, Confidence and Character
  • Applying Virtues That Produce Favor, Increase, and Influence – The HEROES Principle – Honor, Excellence, Responsibility, Order, Expectation and Servanthood
  • Provide Behavioral Interview Techniques to Secure Their Desired Job

Our focus strategic development tools provide the following:

  • Online E-Learning
  • Personalized Profiles and Individual Sessions
  • PDF’s and Personal Note Taking Ability
  • The Focus Fulfilled Book and Workbook and The Heroes Principle
  • Exams in Each Session
  • Facilitator Coaching Guides
  • Course Certificate Upon Completion
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