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Current Employees ARE LACKING Key Strategies For Promotion And Advancement

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  • Polish Your People Skills For Maximum Results

  • Learn The Top Essential “Soft-Skills” That Schools DO NOT Teach

  • Master Your Interviewing Skills To Secure Your Desired Position

  • Sharpen Your Critical Thinking Skills To Make The Best Decisions And Solve Workplace Problems

  • Learn The HEROES Leadership Principles For Maximum Values And Character Development

The Workplace Preparation Program was created to help PREPARE students for the workplace by providing training that employers are desiring. Ed Turose, a Manager and Trainer for over 27 years with The Coca-Cola Company offers his expertise in providing what employers are seeking in developing and improving the skills needed to compete and advance in the workplace.

According to LinkedIn’s “Workplace Learning Report”

• Soft skills are the No. 1 priority for talent development.
• Hiring managers indicated their company’s productivity was limited due to a lack of candidates’ soft skills.
• “The No. 1 problem with todays’s young workforce is the soft skills gap”
• Soft skills are the key to individuals success in the workplace and are a competitive differentiator in the marketplace.

The Workplace Preparation programs includes the following:

People Skills: 

• Gain an understand of self and how to identify the motivations of others.
• Learn how to adapt, blend and connect your personal behavior in response to changes in the workplace environment.
• Be equipped in being flexible to “get in sync” with others by providing with the behavioral tactics and methods to be incorporated into your professional and personal life.

Essential Soft Skills:

• Acquire the soft skills training in the following six core competencies: (1) Communication (2) Collaboration (3) Conflict Resolution (4) Confidence (5) Creativity and (6) Character.
• Discover how to be effective in connecting with others using YOUR personalized behavioral strategies in the top essential soft skills.
• Govern your time management schedule with personalized behavioral tactics.

Interviewing Skills: 

• Understand the behavioral interviewing process to secure your desired job.
• Rise above your competition and learn how to adapt, blend and connect to get in sync with the interviewer.
• Utilize the S.T.A.R. technique to close the deal in securing the best job for your future.

Critical Thinking Skills: 

• Utilize your personal behavioral style in skillfully conceptualizing and analyzing workplace problems.
• Understand how you can make the best quality decisions and reasonable judgments.
• Discover how to be a top problem solver providing solutions in the workplace.

HEROES Leadership Principles – Values and Character Development: Values are defined as person’s principles or standards of behavior. We have lost many values in our society however, employers are looking to hire and promote those individuals that have a high value system. In this lesson, we will review and define The H.E.R.O.E.S. Effect which provides instructions of how to apply the values of:
H – Honor
E – Excellence
R – Responsibility
O – Order
E – Expectation
S – Servanthood

These are lacking in the workplace to motivate employees to go beyond what they are asked to do and increasing productivity, efficiency and profitability. Included is the e-book the HEROES EFFECT.

The Power of Focus

• Gain an understanding of the power of focus to achieve your personal goals and objectives.
• Learn how to identify and overcome personal distractions with strategies to stay focused.
• Crete your own personal focused environment and discover how to focus your energy and effort to achieve personal fulfillment.
• Discover more about yourself through your Unique Profile.


• Identify your vocational sphere of influence
• Gain an understanding of basic entrepreneurship and the qualities of successful entrepreneurs
• Uncover the personal characteristics and specific behaviors of unstoppable entrepreneurs
• Acquire the basic components of a business plan and gain insights for success for Innovation, Concepts, Execution, and Solutions
• Create a personal vision for your own business
• How to start your new business


For Entering The Workforce

  • Enter the workforce above your competition with the essential “soft-skills” employers are demanding

  • Secure your desired job with strategic behavioral interview techniques

  • Gain influence to be promoted through the HEROES Effect

  • Discover your child’s personal vision and purpose for their life

  • Stand out by demonstrating a high level of excellence

For Currently In The Workforce

  • Up-skill your life with the top essential skills that schools DO NOT teach

  • Gain favor and advancement as you operate in the values of the HEROES Effect

  • Be more productive by overcoming workplace distractions

  • Operate with your personal maximum effectiveness in a team setting

  • Gain influence by being equipped in the critical thinking skills of problem solving and decision making


Focus On Self-Development and Essential Soft Skills

1. Personality – Identify Your Behavioral Style by discovering your gift cluster, inspiring traits, and value to an organization. Learn how to overcome your greatest fears.
2. People Skills – Gain an understanding of the motivations of others.
3. Behavioral Flexibility and Adaptability – Utilize the ABC rule of adapting, blending and connecting with others.
4. Introduction to Soft Skills – What Employers Are Requiring
5. Communication – Improving Interaction With Others
6. Collaboration – Working Better In Teams
7. Conflict Resolution – How to Reduce and Overcome Conflict
8. Confidence – Building Self-Esteem
9. Creativity – Identifying Your Creative Abilities
10. Character – Protecting Your Reputation

Focus On Critical Thinking Skills, interviewing and Values

11. Critical Thinking Skills Problem Solving – Learn How to Solve Problems
12. Critical Thinking Skills Decision Making – Discover How to Make Quality Decisions
13. Understanding the Behavioral Interview
14 .Using DISC in Securing Your Job
15. HEROES Character Development and Profile
16. Operating in Honor and Excellence
17. Understanding Responsibility and Order
18. Living in Expectation and Servanthood
19. Favor and Increase
20. HEROES e-Book Review

Focus On Success in the Workplace

21 .How to be Successful in the Workplace
22. Applying the Essential Skills in the Workplace
23. Managing and Stewarding Your Workplace
24. The Power of Focus
25. Identifying Distractions
26. Overcoming Distractions
27. Focused Environment
28. Focused Energy
29. Focus Execution
30. Focused Excellence

Focus On Entrepreneurship

31. Vocational Influence
32. Basic Entrepreneurship
33. Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurship
34. Basic Components of a Business Plan
35. Insights for Business
36. Create Your Future Vision
37. Entrepreneurship Opportunities
38. Starting Your own Business
39. Business Keys to Succeed Planning Template
40. Your Unique Profile


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