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Is your child lacking focus and direction about their future career plans?
Is your child starting college without a declared major?
Is your child in college and does not have a clear career plan?
Are you concerned about your child’s future and their career choice?

Is your child graduated and looking to secure a job?
Are you a recent graduate and you are not in the job of your choice?
Are you NOT prepared for the workplace with the essential soft skills employers are demanding?
Are you having a hard time interviewing successfully to secure your desired job?

Do you feel unfocused in life?
Are there too many distractions in your life causing a feeling of stagnation and lack of growth?
Do you want to get control of your time?

Do you want to know how to advance in your life and career?
Do you want to know how to gain an advantage in your personal and professional life?
Do you want to see increase, favor and influence in your life?

Personalized Focus Courses

Over 80% of students change their major course of study at lease 1 to 3 times with an average cost of over $12,000 per change. Source: National Center of Education Statistics.


Over 66% of hiring managers said they do not think new college graduates are prepared for the workplace. Source: Adecco, A Global Human Resource Consulting Company.


Over 87% of students said they are constantly being distracted by texting, email, and social networking. Source: Journal of Media Education

100% of individuals who apply the HEROES Principles will see greater results in both their personal and professional life. Source: Focus Life Institute Results.

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Is your child getting prepared with the skills they need for their future?
Is your child focused on their career readiness?

Is your child being prepared with the skills employers are demanding for the workplace?

Is your child lacking focus and direction about their future career plans?

Freshmen Coming In: Is your college losing hundreds and millions of dollars every year on retention issues?

Workplace Preparation
Seniors Going Out: Is your college preparing students with the essential soft skills that employers are demanding for the workplace?

Are your current training programs just a check in the box or is there true application and accountability in equipping your employees?

Is your business or organization losing hundreds and millions of dollars every year on workplace distractions?

Is your business equipping your employees or new hires with the essential soft skills that provide competence in organizational and relational effectiveness?


Over 50% of high school students say that they are unprepared for career readiness and workplace preparation. Sources: YouthTruth and Achieve.

Due to workplace distractions, businesses are losing millions of dollars annually. Over 70% of workers admit they feel distracted when they are on the job. Source: Udemy, Workplace Distraction Report.

Over 30% of students drop out of college within the first two years, causing thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Source: The National Student Clearing House.

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College Retention/Preparation

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* I feel like the skills that were taught are valuable and apply to the workplace. In school we are mainly taught the X’s and O’s and not taught how to deal with people. I have had a couple of interviews since learning about the DISC and people skills training, and I was able to easily identify their personalities. It helped me in the interviewing process, by giving me a feel on what they wanted to know from the interview. Overall, I believe these skills are very essential when I get out into the workplace and deal with people daily. D.R.

* With the DISC behavioral system, I learned that I have an S/C personality style. I’ve also learned how to deal with people with certain behavioral types and how to blend and get in sync with them. For the essential skills training, I have learned skills such as having communication, being able to work with others, to be able to solve issues, be creative and have good character can help you in the business world. Lastly, I learned if you blend your behavior with that of your interviewer, you will have a higher chance of getting that job. O.M.


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