1. Multiple DISTRACTIONS and COVID-19 have caused the majority of people to LOSE FOCUS.

2. The majority of PARENTS ARE WORRIED about their child’s future.

3. Research proves that the majority of High Schools and Colleges ARE NOT preparing YOUR child for the real world.

4. Essential soft skills that employers are demanding ARE NOT BEING TAUGHT in the majority of High Schools and Colleges.

5. College Seniors LACK Advancement Strategies and the essential skills to enter and progress in the workplace.

6. Employees currently in the workforce LACK the skills to advance in their career path in their organization.

The Focus Life Institute Has Your Solution!

Ed Turose


We Provide Proven, Practical & Personalized Solutions For You To REGAIN YOUR FOCUS FAST!

1. Complete Student Prep Course

Complete Student Preparation Course

The Focus Life Institute has an all-inclusive, practical and personalized 44 session online course will prepare your child for their future. This Focus Life Institute Complete Student Prep Course by Ed Turose helps your child to align him/her with the best career choice, equipping in the top essential soft skills, critical thinking skills, empowered with the HEROES values, securing their job with the behavioral interviewing techniques needed, as well as budgeting, entrepreneurship and much more.

2. Workplace Prep Course

If you are a senior graduating and entering the workforce or looking to advance in your career, this 31 session online course workplace prep course will provide the skills employers are demanding, equip you to up-skill yourself, secure your desired job and provide the values and character needed to climb the ladder of success.

3. Become A Certified FOCUS Coach

If you want to train young people for their future, be a coach and consultant to businesses and add at least 10 new steams of income, then sign up and become one of our Focus Coaches! Contact Ed Turose for more details.

You can become a Certified Focus Coach in as little as 40 days!

4. Other Applications

Check out all of our other life-changing Application Courses. Your Focus Determines Your Future!