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Our Focus Life Institute Courses are focused to help colleges and universities in Recruiting, Retaining and Releasing students into their destiny and purpose in life.

Recruit: In order to see students, stay enrolled and graduate, you must recruit the right students who have a similar cultural fit with your school.

Retain: The national average retention rate is 72% with over 30% of students dropping out in the first two years which is costing institution’s thousands and millions of dollars.

Release: Employers and LinkedIn continue to say that graduates lack the essential soft skills entering the workforce.

Our online courses include practical instruments and teaching materials designed to produce participant movement towards attainable goals. In addition, we offer individualized resource tools providing specific feedback and immediately usable outcomes which are motivational and strategically applicable to the participant life circumstances. We have developed two specific curriculum programs to help retain freshmen coming in and prepare seniors for the workplace going out.

See The Focus – Forward (The Power To Change Your Future) Course Below:

Focus Forward Course

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